See The World #46 - The Snail Hill, Pișoaia Waterfall, "Rosia Montana" Gold Mine from Transylvania, The limestones from Ampoita, Iezer-Ighiel Lake


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    Published on Sep 25, 2021
    About :

    When I was a kid, I used to hear this question quite often: How would the perfect day would look like for you? - but after so many years since we are roaming the country from North to South, from East to West, I think I finally got the answer.


    It might sound funny, but we don't realize how much we need freedom and nature in our lives until it becomes a part of our lifestyle. Don't imagine that I do this every day (even if I wish I would), but when you get to meet with nature more often than just once during the summer when everybody is taking some days off from their jobs, you will understand better my thoughts.

    It's not a surprise anymore that Transylvania is full of things you could see and explore around. And it's been a while already since our travelling feet keep taking us to this region of Romania, but somehow, we always end up leaving with a huge smile on our faces and still surprised by everything we got to see during the day.

    We never felt satisfied with just one sightseeing attraction that we could see on a day. We actually feel like we lost a day for nothing if we don't explore more than one place. That's how, even though the video shared today sums up 5 different locations we've seen, all of them were explored in the same day. It's true that these are quite close to each other if you are using a car to go from a place to another, but I really wish that more of my days would look like this one.

    We began our journey to a hill located next to the street which might not say too much while you stare at it from the window of the car, but you will see that we can talk about some rocks that represented the bottom of the sea more than 70 million of years ago, where tens of species of molluscs got inlaid in the structure of the stones which can be noticed even nowadays. - Dealul cu Melci (The Snail Hill)

    Just a few hundreds of meters away from this place, we got to walk for around 15 minutes until we reached a beautiful waterfall, which is also not enjoying the number of tourists it's worth, but where we noticed lots of natural formations that are dating since the Paleozoic age. The water has deposits of chalk in its composition, and that makes it leave a lot of travertine and calcareous formations behind, that are used by the locals to create crosses for cemetery but also to build up their houses. Yet another proof that nature is amazing and can offer the minimum necessary for a normal living. - Cascada Pișoaia (Pișoaia Waterfall)

    After our hearts got completely conquered one more time by nature, we decided to hit the road to a place that we wished so badly to visit for a long while now, namely Roșia Montană ("Rosia Montana" Gold Mine from Transylvania). Over here, we got to see the roman galleries that were dug into the stones in the search for gold and silver, which are still standing still after more 2,000 years. However, the biggest surprise came when we found out that the real treasure is hidden behind the treasure everyone is seeking for (gold and silver), being able to talk about hundreds of tons of other precious materials that could change the whole world's flow if competent people knew what to do with it.

    However, since we love nature so badly and wanted to finish the day still in the wilderness of the mountains, we decided to visit two more places before we return home, so the 4th stop of the day was to the beautiful stones from Ampoita where we needed a local in order to actually reach the rocks and appreciate one more time the beauty of nature. - Calcarele de la Ampoița (The limestones from Ampoita)

    Even though the sun was already setting down, we decided to find the way to a lake and have some peaceful and relaxing moments, just as we like doing before we can consider a day spent right. That happened next to a place that fascinated us with its solitude, sounds and colour, where we would like to return one day. - Iezerul Ighiel (Iezer-Ighiel Lake)

    The places you'll see in the video I already wrote about and you can find more about them on here:

    1. Dealul cu Melci (The Snail Hill)
    2. Cascada Pișoaia (Pișoaia Waterfall)
    3. Roșia Montană ("Rosia Montana" Gold Mine from Transylvania)
    4. Calcarele de la Ampoița (The limestones from Ampoita)
    5. Iezerul Ighiel (Iezer-Ighiel Lake)

    The trip from today's post represents the answer to how a perfect day looks for me, and I do hope that we will get to taste the feeling even more often than we already do! 😀


    Video recorded with: GoPro HERO 7
    For full HD: CLICK HERE
    All rights reserved to @gabrielatravels


    All rights reserved.

    Discord: GabrielaTravels#0104

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