The important part about relaxing in your life!


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    Published on Jan 16, 2022
    About :

    (for the last days I have been relaxing a bit and thinking about the future)


    Life is short... I can tell you that. And to be allowed time to acknowledge and understand that when in the past the very short meaning of it when your dad/mom used to say it, over and over again, means a lot for what you have already experienced in life.

    Pleasure is a constant "seek moment" for the ones that yet didn't get confused. Looking at the future is hard... planning it, even more... making a living out of it... fck it! That's not impossible, but realllllyyy damn hard. And takes so much of your life to master.

    Some humans do it naturally, but not because they are normal. They don't experience the same happiness or life experience for that matter... and that's a consequence of how humans are limited to experiencing things. Living is so complex...

    Pursue what you like 😎

    It might sound selfish, but it is actually how the human race evolved most of the time. For example, to help someone it's a way of showing compassion, which gets appreciated by other means, etc... but if you hate doing it, I can tell you that you would be doing a lot better to everyone if you won't do it. People often get distracted from doing things others like instead of the things they love most.

    Put it this way... if you get to do what you like most, you become much better at it, which will eventually have a spreading reaction and others will do the same, copying or improving over what they learned from you.

    Not a model, only my experience...

    I know that everything is much more complicated than this and there are lots of exceptions... but if I would make this message complicated, what would be the point of it. Telling others what you feel might sound terrifying for some, and for others the only way to discharge that accumulated mind pressure.

    The crucial point is to find the balance between one and the other. I think 😅

    Right, enough of vacations thoughts dumping... back to something nice, completely offtopic.

    Now about this video...

    I have slow motion filmed a Cicada 😎

    This one was such an amazing discovery, in terms of how fast the wings and the abdomen contract to create a clapping sound effect.


    Only male cicadas sing, to court females. The sound is made by membranes known as tymbals on each side of their abdomen. The tymbal is pushed out, causing a burst of sound. Then it pops back in. By rapidly repeating this, the cicada makes its song. Some New Zealand cicadas also make clapping sounds by flicking their wings against the branch on which they are sitting.

    In this case, I was trying to capture the clapping velocity of the wings, but the iPhone I have didn't have enough capture speed. Still faster! And what I was trying to find was if the clapping sound is because the wings break the speed of sound or hit something else (like each other, doing the clapping sound).

    I could not yet find the answer to that, but with a bit more time I will get to it. If anyone finds it for me, let me know where you found the information in the comments below, please.

    I found this amazing animation of a cicada that is not of the same species as the New Zealand one, but it has many similar aspects of it and is a quite cool illustration of the life of a cicada.


    Have fun, good luck on all the gaming, and lots of teaching "how to play" to new players.

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