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    Published on Dec 10, 2020
    About :



    While reviewing the Hive feed I came across a very interesting initiative: DAppShare, which consists in making a post about the DApps of the Hive blockchain and thus talk about our experiences.

    To my surprise the idea was from my virtual dude Yonilkar who we know each other since I started, some time after he did.

    And I'm glad to see him in such interesting projects on this platform.


    For this initiative I will talk about Splinterlands, what seems to be a simple and addictive card game, is a universe that changes your life.

    Without a doubt this has been the platform that I have used the most. I started in 2018 and only until a few months ago I slowed down for personal reasons.


    Since I started playing Splinterlands I played with quite a lot of emotion because I knew that besides having fun playing with other players I would be generating income.

    The best moments have always been when the seasons were over and the rewards came and I celebrated every time a legendary, epic or golden card came out.

    I learned with Splinterlands that in the internet world the business possibilities are endless, plus we have the great advantage that the Hive ecosystem is extremely fast and provides a great user experience for this type of DApps.

    Another great moment that I would like to remember was the arrival of the tournaments, at that time they were manual, via discord and if I remember correctly I won a second or third place, there I knew that Splinterlands was a great place and a great DApp.

    Tips I would give about Splinterlands: focus on the management of the cards and the money we are willing to invest within the DApp. Every card can have a great value in quality or quantity, because besides being a card game it is a market and markets have their personality, sometimes they generate profits if we do things with temperance and knowledge and other times markets can simply make us lose if we don't know how to manage our decisions.

    As I observed several posts with more than one DApp I would also like to talk about my experience with the DApps I have used when posting my music content.

    D.tube and 3speak


    DTUBE and 3speak are and will be very big platforms for content creators. While on other conventional platforms you can spend 2 months and even more, publishing your content without monetizing if you don't have followers on DTUBE and 3Speak you monetize if your content is of quality, you don't need thousands of followers and that's what makes it attractive for creators.

    The great thing about D.tube is that not only do we win Hive, but it also has its own crypt currency, the DTC, and we win it within its own ecosystem.


    I think it is a very good space for artists and gamers, it has been in these two platforms where I have shared my musical content, since I am in the blockchain world I have been in Dtube and some time later I entered 3speak.

    Both platforms are improving the user experience, they are very comfortable to see other authors' content and to upload and play videos.

    One of my goals currently with these platforms is to grow with my gaming content, sometimes I see people like @acidyo playing Wow and it is one of the things I would like to do most to share my gameplays and monetize them, it is one of my goals that still stands.

    In 3speak I share with you a video playing Splinterlands.



    This platform is quite complete and is one of the most popular in Hive because it has many features. The times I used Peakd was always to share literature, writings, poems sometimes also musical content and what I liked most about Peakd was that we could schedule the posts to be published the day and time we wanted.

    For now I plan to keep using these platforms although in some like Splinterlands I haven't had so much time to dedicate all the energy it requires, I will keep sharing my music in D.tube and 3speak.

    Thanks to @theycallmedan for carrying out the idea of my dude @yonilkar. I hope that projects like these keep growing.

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    dappshare hive splinterlands dapps dtube

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