Vlog 438: Empowering yourself through blockchain technology.


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    Published on Aug 26, 2019
    About :

    Blockchain is accessible to everyone. That's the beauty of it.

    There is no third party that you need to make sure you can get on board.

    Nobody can stop you from joining any blockchain.

    When you want to get on the Bitcoin network you can just do so within seconds on your Smartphone.

    But it's still up to you to make it work. Just because you have access to a tool that can exchange value doesn't mean it will magically happen.

    You will still have to empower yourself or your business.

    The same goes for Steem. Just because you have a Steem account doesn't mean that value will magically appear.

    You will have to make this happen. And this process is harder and harder.

    The first Steemians that arrived here had to make some content and thousands of dollars worth of STEEM would enter their account.

    It must have felt so easy for them. Talking about being in the right place at the right time!

    To earn thousands of dollars worth of STEEM today is not easy. You will have to build a whole business here. Like Splinterlands.

    But it's not always easy to deal with the STEEM price.

    The current price of STEEM is a curse and a blessing depending on where you stand.

    I believe that in general, the takers suffer and the builders benefit.

    Everyone that always wanted to build a foundation here and sees the value of Steem gets an opportunity to do so once again and maybe for the last time.

    The lower it goes the more people get that opportunity.

    Everyone that sees Steem as a fountain of infinite money has a big problem the lower the price goes.

    It ultimately always leads to them powering down and calling Steem shit, or blaming Steemit Inc. or Reason X of shitness.

    You don't hear the builders, but obviously, they feel it just the same but they just get on with it. They have too.

    They work hard every day waiting for that turnaround.

    "The Market Can Remain Irrational Longer Than You Can Remain Solvent"

    This is so damn right.

    I fully expect the price to go a little bit lower than it is today.

    If I'm right about that, I will have a bigger foundation then I have today, if not then this is it.

    What I do expect next time when the bull returns is that a lot of STEEM will be in the builder's hands and everyone that's gone through this shit is not going to part with it that easily.

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