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    Published on Feb 19, 2022
    About :

    Greetings to all the members of the Hive Blockchain community especially the community in Splinterlands.

    Another great opportunity has been created by the Splinterlands team to players to share their unique strategies with the featured monster of the week, bringing a passive income to players that will be used in their future transactions in the blockchain.

    This week, the latest Share Your Battle Challenge features the monster Deeplurker. This monster is a common type, melee damager under the Water attribute from the latest edition of pack which is the Chaos Legion.

    For this battle that I will share today, my chosen monsters for my lineup together with the featured monster is within the level guide of the Silver ranking. I created a video of the battle in 3Speak for you to watch and enjoy.



    • Target Practice: All ranged and magic attack monsters have the Snipe Ability.
    • Heavy Hitters: All monsters have the Knock Out ability.
    • Within the 42-mana capacity.


    Because the featured monster is under the water attribute, I choose Alric Stormbringer as my summoner, bringing +1 magic damage to my chosen magic damagers in my lineup.
    I choose Torhilo The Frozen as my tank. An epic melee monster in the 3rd level with a stats of 5 melee damage, 1 speed, 5 armor, and 9 health. With the Void ability, the magic damage it will receives will be reduced.
    Second position is for the featured monster Deeplurker, a common melee damager in the 5th level with a stats of 4 melee damage, 4 speed, and 7 health. With the Opportunity ability, it can attack the first position monster of the enemy in any position it places.
    Ice Pixie is in my 3rd position. A rare magic damager in the 4th level with a stats of 1 magic damage, 4 speed, 1 armor and 2 health. I placed it in this position because of the ruleset making it a sacrificial target by the enemy while protecting the remaining monsters in the backline.
    Ruler Of The Seas is in the 4th position. A legendary magic monster in the 2nd level with a stats of 3 magic damage, 3 speed, and 5 health. It gives +1 speed to its allies thanks to the Swiftness ability. With the Blast ability, it reduces the remaining health of the monsters adjacent to the target enemy monster.
    Fifth position is the Spirit Miner. A legendary non-attribute magic monster in the 2nd level with a stats of 2 magic damage, 3 speed, and 6 health. It also increases the speed of the allies with the Swiftness ability, and has a high chance of evading melee and range attacks thanks to the Dodge ability.
    Last position is the Phantom Of The Abyss. A legendary magic monster in the 2nd level with a stats of 3 magic damage, 6 speed, and 7 health. It reduces the melee attack of the enemy monsters thanks to the Demoralize ability. It has a high chance of evading the melee and range attack of the enemy thanks to its Dodge ability and Fly ability, making it a good backline positioned monster together with the Spirit Miner.



    My strategy worked skillfully. With the Demoralize ability of the Phantom of the Abyss, the melee damage of the enemy monsters have been reduced. With the Blast ability of the Ruler of the Seas, the adjacent monsters of the enemy has reduced the health of the remaining monsters. The armor of the Shieldbearer was instantly removed by the Deeplurker leading to its instant defeat by my other monsters attacks. I fully utilized the magic damage monsters with the help of the summoner I chosen causing an enormous damage to the enemy monsters. It is also a vital information that there is a difference of level between the players chosen monsters with the opponent choosing most of his monsters in the lowest level against my chosen lineup, leading for my victory in the battle.


    Deeplurker is a good card to use. My strategy when using the water attribute have changed over time from the defensive to the offensive strategy thanks to this monster being one of my choices. Because it can attack in any position it places thanks to the Opportunity ability, it is best to use in melee focus rulesets, making it a guaranteed rental monster whenever I decided to play the game.

    Thank you for reading my blog and watching the video if you have the time. I hope you learned some things in my offensive strategy in this battle that will help you in your future battles.



    • Monster images is from the Splinterlands Game
    • Blog Text Divider is from @rqr4
    • Image thumbnail created in Canva
    • Video created in Power Director

    Are you interested in playing the game after watching the video and reading the blog? Then I invite you to play the game. Just click on my referral link to sign up and start playing.

    Remember that this game is a "play to earn" game. It is free but in order to earn real assets such as cards and token you would have to invest in a starter deck or purchase game cards.

    Join the Discord Server of Splinterlands to know more about the latest updates about the game and interact with fellow players.



    Welcome to my little portion in the blog. I’m just a casual player of different games and I've been playing since August of 2021. I mostly post my gaming experience in Splinterlands and someday will share other games that I’ve been playing.

    If you like my content, your upvotes, leaving a comment and sharing my blog post is much appreciated. I would love if you could delegate or send me gifts in my Hive gaming account: @emanginasal. Follow me to be updated in my latest posts about my experiences in the game and others.

    Icon art is made by Tidbits Choi

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