Splinterlands Daily Quest: Monsters with Sneak Abilities


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    Published on Jan 17, 2022
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    Greetings fellow players in the Hive blockchain gaming community!

    Everyone is excited with the general sale of the remaining Chaos Legion Packs that will be available in a few hours. I think I will buy a few packs just for the experience again.

    For now, I would like to share another daily quest that I've completed earlier. The quest is with the use of card monsters with Sneak ability. The Sneak ability allows monsters to attack instantly the last monster in the enemy lineup. It is a great ability to use but can be countered by low mana monsters like the Furious Chicken.

    Here are the card monsters that helped me with the daily quest under the Gold League rank battles:

    Kobold Miner

    First in the list is the Kobold Miner from the fire attribute. This is one of the cards that I usually rent. In the Gold league with a level of 8, this card has a stats of 4 speed, 3 melee damage, and 5 health. A great card especially under the little league ruleset with its sneak ability.


    Second is the Pyromaniac from the fire attribute. I rented it for the first time and I must say this is a great card that I will add in my deck list from now. In the Gold league with a level of 5, it has a stats of 5 speed, 3 range damage, and 5 health. With its Sneak Ability and Blast Ability it is a great combination to remove the Holy Protection given to enemies.

    Skeleton Assassin

    Third is the Skeleton Assassin from the dark attribute. IN the Gold league with a level of 8, this card has a stats of 5 speed, 3 melee damage, and 4 health. With its Sneak ability together with Poison ability, this card is best for low mana capacity battles in my opinion.

    Goblin thief

    Fourth in the list is the Goblin Thief from the earth attribute. in the Gold league with a level of 8, this has a stats of 5 speed, 3 melee damage, and 4 health. With its Sneak ability together with the Shatter ability, It helps in removing the shield from the enemy lineup. I always pair it together with Brownie to increase its speed and melee damage.

    Sand Worm

    Last in the list is the Sand Worm, a non-attribute card. In the Gold league with a level of 8, it has a stats of 4 speed, 6 melee damage, and 7 health. With its Sneak ability and Snare ability, the flying ability of monsters in the backline will definitely be removed. It is best to use in the Earthquake ruleset.

    Here are the battles that completed the quest:

    First Battle

    In this battle, the ruleset is Lost Legendaries within the 19 mana capacity. I choose Selenia Sky as a summoner. Venari Heatsmith as tank. Kobold Miner for a sneak damage. Goblin Shaman to reduce the health and speed. Imp Bowman and Pyromaniac as main damagers. Furious Chicken as backline defense sacrifice.

    Second Battle

    In this battle, the ruleset is Lost Legendaries under the 38 mana capacity. I choose Zintar Mortalis as the summoner. Haunted Spirit as tank. Skeleton Assassin for the sneak damage. Grim Reaper for the affliction damage. Sand Worm, Goblin Chariot, and Mantoid as the main damagers.

    To be honest. I just choose the last 3 monsters randomly due to the connection error (I'm using mobile while playing the game) in my part leasing for me to choose my lineup within 30 seconds. Glad it ends well in my part.

    Third Battle

    For the third battle, the rulesets was earthquake within the 32 mana capacity. I want to choose Brighton Bloom but decided to choose Yodin Zaku as summoner to immediately defeat the enemy lineup with its blast ability. Serpentine Soldier as tank for its high chance of evading monster attacks. Goblin Shaman to reduce the speed and health. Lord of Fire for additional health as well as reducing the magic damage from enemy lineup. Imp bowman for damage. Flame Imp for additional speed to allies. Sand Worm for its Sneak ability to snare the monsters in the enemy lineup with fly abilities.

    Fourth Battle

    In this battle, the rulesets were Aim True and Reverse Speed within the 28 mana capacity. I choose Yodin Zaku as a summoner. Cerberus as tank. War Chaang to be a reserve tank while damaging from the back. Kobold Miner for sneak damage. Lord for Fire for additional health and magic reduction. Grenadier for additional damager. Halfling Alchemist for backline defense to trigger the redemption ability.

    Fifth Battle

    In this battle, the rulesets were Holy Protection and Explosive Weaponry within the 18 mana capacity. I choose Lyanna as a summoner. Furious Chicken as a sacrifice tank. Brownie for additional speed and melee damage. Swamp Thing to reduce the speed and health. Goblin Thief for sneak damage. Wood Nymph for the tank heal and additional health. Parasitic Growth for the additional damage while earning health when a monster dies.

    After completing the quest, I claimed the daily rewards and claimed 5 cards (1 epic, 1 rare, 3 common), 4 DEC and 2 potions. A satisfied daily challenge for the day.

    That is all for me today. Thank you for watching the video and reading the blog. Hope some of the battles could help you with your future plans in your battles. have a satisfying rewards for everyone especially for the Chaos Legion pack openings.

    Are you interested in playing the game after watching the video and reading the blog? Then I invite you to play the game. Just click on my referral link to sign up and start playing.

    Remember that this game is a "play to earn" game. It is free but in order to earn real assets such as cards and token you would have to invest in a starter deck or purchase game cards.

    Join the Discord Server of Splinterlands to know more about the latest updates about the game and interact with fellow players.

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