Get New Music for Life & Support Hive Artists with Limited NFTtunez Founder's Tokens - Coin Flip & Dice Roll Game


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    Published on Dec 03, 2021
    About :
    NFTtunez is a music, video, and merchandise NFT platform on Hive where musician's can upload/mint their perk-linked NFTs. Three solid categories, with more to come as the necessities emerge. Today I am focusing on the music-investment side of this project.

    Enter Founder Tokens


    Do you want to get on the ground floor of a newer project that will allow you to get every single music based NFT airdrop that NFTtunez launches EVERY WEEK FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE? - This indefinite Hive artist-music token will not only give you access to new conscious music on the regular, but it will also give you consistent and unique tokens of value which you can hold as an investment, potentially benefit from custom perks offered by the artist, and later sell on the market if you so choose. The Founder Tokens themselves will also hold a higher value of their own once the limited runs sell out, and the platform acquires many more artists.

    separador nuevo - FULL BAND.png

    The Guarantee

    Gold Founder Token


    The Gold Founder Token will earn you FREE music NFTs weekly for life for only 100 SWAP:HIVE (that is 56 music-NFTs a year), but there are other nifty options if that does not fit your strategy/budget, or if you are looking for more versatility. Note that there are only 100 Gold Founder Tokens that will ever exist, so they are rare. ALL 3 VERSIONS OF THE FOUNDERS TOKENS ARE LIMITED EDITION.

    separador nuevo - FULL BAND.png

    Coin Flips

    Silver Founder Token


    The other options for founders tokens turns into a bit of a gambling game I call coin-flips and dice-rolls, which should be fun to play with. While the gold token gets you 52 NFT drops per year (1 per week) the Silver Founders Token could theoretically get you half that - 26 drops, but in reality what this gives you is a 50/50 "coin-flip" style chance at getting an airdrop each week of the year for life. This silver version costs 50 SWAP:HIVE - only 1000 copies ever available.

    separador nuevo - FULL BAND.png

    Dice Rolls

    Fan Founder Token


    The Fan Founder Token is essentially the same setup as the silver, except instead of a 50% NFT-drop chance per week, you get a 10% chance each week. With an average expectation of about 6-drops a year, and a low cost of only 1 SWAP:HIVE, one would think that you could buy 100 of these for 100 hive and get 600 drops a year (instead of gold's 52 for the same price), this is not how it will work however.
    This is why I call it dice rolling: Say you have 100 fan tokens - and each week you are handed 100 10 sided dice to roll all at once. Some weeks you will hit a bunch of them, some you may hit none, and so forth. This particular token is the most enticing to me, as it offers a bit more of a gaming element to the equation of this platform - which as we all know, can be fun AND rewarding.


    Today I personally secured 2 Gold Founder Tokens and 20 Fan Founders. Having the two golds will allow me the guaranteed option of keeping one and selling one of each weekly airdropped music NFT for the rest of my life, with the possibility of additional NFTs each week with my 20 fan-dice. I will likely be picking up many more of the Fan-Founder versions, and possibly a Silver-Coin or two.

    Will post screenshots of my founders tokens here when Hive Engine site's come back online

    In addition to all the passive income potential of stacking these perma-tokens and chance-cubes, the most important aspect of all this is I now have a constantly growing catalogue of badass #HIVESICIANS NFT based music assets - and so can you if you get a gold token in time.
    With prolific artists joining the platform like @illuminaticongo, @supertask, @torinfrost, @alaisclay, and @truniversal - along with long time crystal-caliber Hive artists like @bryandivisions, @treaphort, @wolfnworbeikood, @burntmd, @gentlesouljah and all the new music/art/NFT content @ELAmental (yours truly) is about to release, I would not underestimate the growth potential of this project. Get em before they sell out. You can find all related project updates and info on @NFTtunz' blog, or connect on their corresponding Discord Server.


    If you do miss out on these tokens, @NFTunez will also be launching year specific NFT airdrop-catching tokens soon for different values. The 2022 version of these should be available in the near future. Click any of the token-links in this article to navigate to the marketplace for purchase of these limited edition versions. If you hurry and buy some of these tokens before 8pm PST 12/3/2021, you will be eligible for the very first music NFT token-holder airdrop.
    I am working on finding a way to best format my music and album art for some music based NFTs on NFTtunez AND NFT Showroom as we speak - I am currently whitelisted on both. Look for my official Power of Truth album release later this month as well.

    Purchase All Limited Edition NFTtunes 4 Life Founder Tokens Here

    Bless the Method


    Our Village VissionSTAvillage.jpgELA Hive COMMUNITY Stamp-8.jpg

    Links for Free Crypto Earning Accounts

    | Splinterlands | Hive | Odysee - LBRY | Actifit - Fitness | Rising Star |

    Links to Vital Crypto Resources

    | Simpleswap - Low Trade Fees | Presearch - Search 2 Earn |

    | NFT Showroom | Monster Market | Purse |


    Enchanted Blessings - with Love, Truth, Respect, & Honor - @ELAmental.


    Stay Tuned... Into the Right Frequencies

    Free ELAmental Album: The Hex Wrecker

    Free Single: Shift the Focus - from: Power of Truth

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