Exploring a Massive Military Facility with @rubido for a Music Video! (France, Gers)


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    Published on May 02, 2022
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    Hey fam!

    I hope you're all doing well, this is what we were doing this weekend, a little bit of exploring & scouting for a music video, my brother from another mother @rubido accepted to show us where he lives ahahaha I am kidding, but at the same time, it would probably be the best place to have a super hero lair, or that could totally be the badass underworld where the insurgents would organize the resistence against the machines, watchout Elon & Neuralink!

    You can check Rubido's post about it here.


    The military facility is situated in our area, and is just gigantic, probably a little bit dangerous, not kid friendly, I repeat, this is not a "bring-your-kid-at-work-day", we bumped into a dog, of the size of a horse, with an overgrown fur over his harness.

    Imagine the family looking for that dog (his name is probably Grover), little do they know that Grover started his own gang in a military facility, that somewhat reminds me of a famous wasteland where people trade Nuka Cola caps as a currency, if you don't understand this reference, you are probably over 50 and have a job.

    That dog was nasty, and while I was finishing to shoot additional shots, I could hear Rubido calmly talking to the dog "it's alright buddy, you don't have to growl at me. Ed! When you're coming out, don't rush ok? There is a Pyrenees dog, with possible rabbies."

    Lucky for us the dog heard a crackhead's footstep, and decided to change target last minute, and charge him instead. Your loss, we taste amazing!

    There are countless amount of manholes, by the way @rubido kept on saying the word "manhole" with his Southern accent and watching my reaction like he said something very profound, and indeed, I started talking about manholes too because the place is full of it, manholes this, manholes that.

    Look out for manholes!!

    The place is a little bit filthy of course, don't expect a welcoming party with flower necklaces singing "Aloha", however the hangars have a mind blowing acoustic, of course as a singer, that loves to constantly hear the sound of his own voice, it was the utmost pleasant thing in the world. It's like living in a reverb world.

    That filth, is what however looks interesting on camera, for a music video, so I got plenty of footage to play with, but it's for another time, as I will release the music video (yes!! it's a music video for a cover!) and also a making of 😁!


    There are 9 gigantic buildings to explore, and we barely scractched the surface. Each building has its own texture, quality, and is just the perfect place to shoot things, and probably people too.

    From time to time, you can hear footsteps, but you never catch these ewoks, like they disappear into the wall cracks. You might even hear a car or two driving by, it's always reassuring to remember that the world hasn't turned to shit, and it's just an abandonned building with potential "crackheads of the year".

    Oh and also a dad playing with his "son", I mean, who in the world would take their kid to play ball at the abandonned military facility in this part of town 🤣?
    Well, they would probably survive the apocalypse, barely noticing a difference...

    1651426860816 (1).jpg

    This looks sick right?

    You can imagine that I've let my imagination run crazy with travellings, pan shots, beautiful 3/4 shots and a wide angle, @rubido was really easy to work with, as he as a friend doesn't feel like we're work at all, really cool with me being bat shit crazy, he pretends I didn't say something outrageous, or he adds a line as outrageous as mine, you can imagine our wives just rolling eyes for hours when we are together hahah.

    But again, I'll talk more about the music video when I'll release it, and with the bonus!! (woohoo, I have to sell it a little haha)

    I don't know why, I loved the fact that you could be stepping on something dangerous and sharp every meters, it would be great for a movie too, very cinematic.

    That's it for today, I hope that you enjoyed watching our little adventure, and don't hesitate to tell me how you feel, but only if you are in a safe space my little snowflakes.

    Let me know if you need a different link for the vid!


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    pinmapple urbex urban exploration music qsound neoxian archon proofofbrain creativecoin streetart

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