The Quantum Healing of a Cancer Tumor in less than 3 minutes using The Inner Technology of Feeling And Emotion



Published on Oct 07, 2019
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The image on the left of the screen on this video is the image of the tumour. The right side of the image is the live video of the tumor which you will see vanish during this video.

This was demonstrated in a medicine-less hospital in Beijing China by Qi-Gong Masters. A western woman had been diagnosed with a 3 inch cancer in her bladder. Western doctors said they could not help her at all. There are three practitioners who are trained and experienced in this process. In this video you will be looking inside her body through ultrasound to see this 3 inch tumor disappear in 3 minutes in the presence of the language that heals. The woman is awake, conscious, has no anaesthetic and she believes in this process. The most important thing to understand is that these practitioners are trained to create the feeling in their hearts as if this woman is already healed. While this healing is happening you can hear the practitioner chant a word "Wa-Sa". The meaning of this word is simply "Already happened".. there is no magic in this word, but they have agreed that this word will help them create this feeling in their hearts.

In the last 1,700 years we have developed a sense of being separate from the creative force of the cosmos. This video demonstrates something incredible that science is just starting to understand. The reason that this incredible healing works can be understood and used to not only heal ourselves, but also our entire world. This video is real, where you will see an ultrasound video demonstrating the technology from the ancient wisdom of the lost mode of prayer literally vanish a tumor.

If our belief is that a healing is about to happen or will come one day in the future, or our abundance will come one day, a universal field which is called the divine matrix will reflect this feeling. When we feel that something will happen one day, or tomorrow we are limiting our creative power because 'tomorrow never comes'. So what we want to experience in our lives we must first feel in our hearts as if it has already happened. This is something that happens all the time in our lives, and we literally create our reality in every thought and every feeling and emotion. Science has demonstrated that human DNA has a direct effect on our physical world. They show that human emotion changes the DNA that is changing our physical world because there is a field that connects everything together. The divine matrix is the conduit and is one our our most precious and forgotten lost modes of prayer.

This same field can be used to heal our world, and create peace within our nations. It is this notion that was a part of a research project at Princeton University called The Global Consciousness Project (GCP). This Project is an international effort involving researchers from several institutions and countries, designed to explore whether the construct of interconnected consciousness can be scientifically validated through objective measurement. They undertook an experiment where hundreds of thousands of people joined together through the Internet and everyone felt the feelings of peace in their bodies at the same time. When they then looked at world events they found that in this window of time, events around the world changed significantly and were statistically relevant. There were bombings in Iraq during that war that were reversed, crimes against people declined, emergency hospital visits declined. Consciousness was responding globally to hundreds of thousands of people feeling the feeling of peace.
More info on this project here:

Science is just starting to understand these fields, and we already have several names that science is using to describe them such as the zero point field and quantum mechanics. We are just starting to remember that everything is connected, and our thoughts and feelings have far reaching effects across the entire universe. We can not underestimate the power of our emotions, which are a product of our thoughts and feelings. This is an incredible thing to understand, because it can help us to understand our world, and have great effect on it.

Our world is made of electrical and magnetic fields, and when you change them you can change atoms. The strongest electrical and magnetic field in the body is our heart which is up to 5,000 times stronger than the brain! When we have a feeling we create waves of electromagnetic feelings / energy that change our world on the physical level. This has been proven by science and this is what our ancients knew and understood and is what they left us in their texts in their temples. Beliefs change our physical world. Beliefs change matter itself. The power of human emotion is a powerful language that many cultures know very well and science used to discount 400 years ago. Laboratory experiments now know that human emotions change our physical DNA. Science is simply a language that describes our relationship to the world in technical terms. Our science is still incomplete, and so when we marry it with our ancient knowledge and wisdom we can embark on a great leap in human evolution and understanding.

What if we are afraid of our power to heal the hell that we create in this world. If we have this kind of power does it frighten you? We live in great times, unlike any other time that has happened on this earth. We are choosing the future of our planet right now, through the science of prayer. You and I are choosing that outcome right now! We are not victims of our world. We do not have to suffer and have war, because we have the power to participate using this divine matrix. Do you know what you are saying to this field right now?

If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Gregg Braden who has written many books and spoken for hours on end about this. You can start your journey on this great path by leaning about the lost mode of prayer.

Gregg Braden - The Lost Mode of Prayer - 1

Gregg has written many incredible books, and this is one of his first that I reccomend reading.


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