I Made this Laser Gun from a Ketchup Bottle and other Recycled Junk


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    Published on Feb 26, 2020
    About :

    Made this Laser/Raygun from a plastic Heinz Ketchup bottle and misc. recycled plastic parts and junk. Watch till the end to see the Raygun in action!

    Thanks for watching my short video and hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think of my Sci-Fi junk built prop. Upvote and Resteem if you like what I'm doing. Thank you for your eyeballs. Duane :)

    Music by Null Command Track title “Shutdown Warning”

    Name: Whip aka “The Ray Gun”
    Model Designation: DEV-OPAF 973

    Description: The 973 Whip’s predecessor, 972b Jocko was extensively issued to the Hellas Corporate Free-State (HCFS) Militia during all the major actions of the Southern Highlands Breakaway, between 2321-2340. Following this bloody conflict, which finally solidified free corporate hegemony on Mars, the HCFS determined that an upgrade was needed. The Terran State’s mobile infantry’s powered armour was highly effective in resisting the Jocko’s lower-powered high-freq multiblasts, so DEV got to work on a more efficient-- and yet highly stylized-- handheld killing instrument. The advent of turning a hand held “ray gun” into a direct, armor destroying particle weapon took just two years, and the results were astonishing. Utilizing only the best technological ideas and resources, the Whip is now the top of the heap in the rather new field of overcharging particle acceleration firearms.

    The Whip’s capabilities include being able to penetrate most Ceramake Ultradyne styled armours on mid and high powered settings. It is fully capable of punching straight through most lighter powered armours and heavy personal armours, like the Bossa Gibbon “Mother’s Bow” suits. Vehicle armour tends to be of heavier, higher-quality makes, but the high-powered shots can still be rather effective if concentrated on certain armour locations. The Red-Eye setting is the most deadly, and each cell is only good for a maximum of two shots. To directly quote general Glenda Casale at the Martian Corporate Free-State Arms Expo of 2344 “I have never seen a handheld weapon so terrifying as a Whip set to Red-Eye.”

    During the Tharsis Workers’ Uprising of 2346, Whips were used on unarmoured human targets, and the results were so devastating that an Emergency Intersystem Council was called between nearly all major Sol System powers to discuss the curtailing of using Whips against armed civilians and workers in revolt who have little access to powered armour and military-level vehicles. Even on its lowest settings, the Whip is incredibly lethal against non-armoured living targets. One Red-Eye blast is on record of instantly vaporizing 27 revolting workers. As of the time of this entry, only New Tirana, The Lacrimosan Mining State, The Alba Mons Collective, Nereid, and some of the entities of the Terran State have taken a possible new accord of curtailing these weapons seriously.

    Tags :

    art oc music scifi fantasy

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