Staking And Curating To Earn Daily Rewards


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    Published on Nov 20, 2021
    About :

    Curating A Caring Community

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    Hello everybody, In today's video I discuss the benefits of staking and curating on the hive blockchain. There are a lot of them including daily rewards, finding out about the amazing people and posts in the community and learning a few things along the way.

    First things first is the reward aspect. All of you are probably wondering what do you mean? I can earn rewards for upvoting a post...and yes, yes you can. Not only do you help out other authors by upvoting their posts but you also help yourself in a way by earning from that upvote.

    Below are some of my daily rewards just from slapping that thumbs up on some of the posts, I enjoyed and also from some of my friends in the community.


    You can see they can be pretty awesome that top one netted me 15 SPT for an upvote. Now my understanding is that the earlier you upvote a post and the better it does the more rewards you will get. I can't confirm that exactly yet but from most of what I have read and even seen with my own eyes I can tell that is the way to go. You could also upvote upcoming payouts as well on posts that have already done good but the rewards will not be as high as being one of the first ones to upvote said post.

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    Community Engagement & Growth


    After the rewards, the next best thing is the engagement and growth not only you will get but also the community will get. If there is anything I learned from this wonderful community is that we are all supportive of each other. From attending my first hivefest and meeting so many of the awesome people here in the VR world, I actually got to talk and socialize with a lot of them. It was really special and came to find out how this community works very hard to support both big and small creators.

    I have since been trying to increase all my assets on the hive blockchain like Hive Power, SPT, 1UP, so I can increase my voting power and weight. I want to become a great curator on here and that starts with engaging and reading/upvoting some of these amazing posts made here.

    I'll be honest I have to do a better job at curating and really going through the articles posted rather than just upvoting it and moving on. I recommend if your gonna upvote a post you should do a quick read-through of it and try to drop a comment on it and tell the author what you did or didn't like about it. I have not seen many negative comments on here yet but constructive criticism is always appreciated.

    There are tons of great communities out there like Splinterlands community or Hive Pizza community there are lots and you just need to get out there and check some out that you are interested in.

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    Learning From The Community


    Last but not least is learning from the posts made by the people here. There is lots of insight and teachings here whether it be from Splinterlands counters or learning about the hive blockchain in general. You can really find out a lot about the stuff going on here and I recommend searching around for anything you are interested in and taking the time to read it.

    I will link a couple of posts here that relate to curating and staking on the hive blockchain please give them a read and learn more about this amazing opportunity available to us all.

    Shoutout to @tarazkp for this awesome post covering how curation works give it a read it is a year old but everything still applies. It covers various things from how to vote, vote stacking and voting window all very helpful tips for curating yourself.

    Also, check out this post made by @revise.leo on manual curation vs delegation. As I stated in the video I personally like curating myself but there is nothing wrong with delegating to monster-curator if you don't necessarily have the time.
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