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    Published on Sep 18, 2021
    About :

    Dalton Redesign Thumbnail.jpg

    A brand new Daltono

    There has been a burning desire within me to update what Daltono is to the world. I have had the same profile photo for almost 3 years, truly I didn't even have a brand. I was just a face among many other faces. I did not have a logo or anything for people to remember me by, I was relying on my content itself. I had some consistency with a footer at the bottom of the posts that I designed, but I wanted more. Daltono was missing a true identity.

    Recently, I purchased the domain and set it to redirect to my PeakD blog. Type it into your search bar now, it's pretty awesome how simple it was to do. Now that I finally had an easy link to share, I thought it to be imperative that I also had top-notch branding for my visitors to be met with upon arrival to my blog.

    I've spent a lot of time searching online for a design service that would first draw my idea, and then vectorize it into a professional logo. I was extremely selective about what style I was aiming for. I had found a few design companies that met my criteria, but they were a bit pricey and did not accept cryptocurrency. By the grace of divine synchronicity, I came into contact with a very talented artist on Hive named @baptisttadg who was able to create exactly what I had been dreaming of for eons. I was even able to compensate this creator using HBD that I had earned from my daily posts on Hive.

    Daltono Seperator.png

    Watch this video for full details on how all of this came to be.

    Daltono Standing.png

    Daltono Seperator.png

    @baptisttadg created my new logo

    I had been following Baptistta for several months. I have them added to my favorites list on PeakD so that I never miss any of their posts. I had really been enjoying the insanely realistic drawings that this artist regularly posts. Out of the blue one day, I saw my first digital drawing from Baptistta. I had no idea that that Baptistta also did vector work. Combining those two skills together was exactly the type of designer I had been searching for.

    Baptisttadg copy.png

    I messaged Baptistta on Discord and we went from there. It started with some reference images of me and the Sakai armor from Ghost of Tsushima. I was able to capture the perfect photos in-game using photo mode. Since I myself am a designer, I knew it was essential for me to provide high-quality images and a genuine idea that made sense. My goal was to have a logo with an ocean samurai and dolphins.

    Within the span of only a few days, my idea was brought to life. I was amazed at how spot-on Baptistta's understanding of my idea was. This was even better than I had pictured in my mind. There were even subtle touches added that I didn't ask for, such as the D on my helmet. When an artist expands on your idea and it satisfies you, then you know you're working with somebody who is of the same frequency.


    I'm so in love with this new design. If you are curious to see more of how Baptistta animated something that was inside of my mind, then I highly recommend you check out his blog here:

    Also, feel free to contact @baptisttadg for your own custom logo. They speak Spanish and English very well. Communication skills are on point and clearly, they have a massive amount of skill. I urge you to think about your own branding and how you may benefit from an upgrade. Plus Baptistta accepts HBD and HIVE! You have no excuse not to do this.

    Daltono Seperator.png

    I created new designs with my logo

    Once I received all of the files upon completion of the project, it was time for me to make use of my new Daltono logo. I was so excited to revamp all of my social media profiles. I spent a few days making what I considered to be the perfect designs. It was all doable thanks to @baptisttadg's organization. The .psd files were sorted very well. Folders and layers made sense in a way that enabled me to easily pick and choose what parts of my new logo I wanted to use for each of my own designs.

    Let's take a look at everything I was able to create.

    iMac Wallpaper Live.png

    iMac Wallpaper

    I do almost all of my creating on my new iMac that I got this summer. This was the first thing I wanted to make sure had the right oceanic bushido vibe. I enlarged the wave design behind the logo with me and the four dolphins. I then added overlapping rectangles and circles behind the wave for a unique backdrop. I'm pretty obsessed with keeping my desktop clutter-free, I think I'm doing a pretty good job of that as you can see here.

    iPhone Wallpaper

    iPhone Live.png

    I knew I had to update my iPhone designs next. I take this thing with me literally everywhere that I go, I can't tell you how many times a day I open my phone. For this reason, I have always had perfectly balanced wallpapers on my mobile device. Glancing at my phone's lock screen is so satisfying now. I had to keep my home screen more simple since there are so many icons on it.

    Twitter Header

    Twitter Live.png

    I share all of my Hive posts to Twitter and earn POSH tokens for doing it. There was no way that I was about to leave my Twitter page how it was. Finally, I have a dope spot for people to drop by. I even have my new domain shown prominently at the very top.

    YouTube Banner

    YouTube Mobile Live.png

    I post all of my 4K gaming videos to YouTube. I love 3Speak for everything else, but I don't want to downgrade my gorgeous 4K resolution. For that reason, I updated my banner on YT. The design works well on both mobile and desktop.

    Facebook Cover

    Facebook Live.png

    I literally never use my Daltono Facebook page. Just in case someone ever searched for me on FB, I still took the time to update my presence there as well.

    Page Seperator

    Daltono Seperator.png

    I wanted to include all aspects of my new Daltono design in a one-of-a-kind page separator for my blogs. I knew I was going to have to break it all apart to make it happen. I needed a chainlink to connect it all though. In comes -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~.

    Profile Banner

    Daltono PeakD Profile Banner 1.jpg

    Designing a background for my PeakD profile was no simple task. The dimensions are so weird for it and it shows differently on mobile and desktop. I had to keep it simple but also wanted it to flow with the rest of my branding. Click @daltono to see the banner in action

    New Footer Template

    I will end all of this by showcasing my new ending to my posts. At the bottom of all of my blogs and videos, you will find this series of designs. I wanted to include a "Thank You" in multiple popular languages because I really am grateful for every single person that ever gives my content a moment of their time. I kept a few of my older designs around just so those who have known me since the beginning of Hive won't forget how far I have come.

    At the very end of it all, I have a huge surprise for everyone. If you made it this far, you get early access. If you failed to finish reading everything, then I guess you will just have to find out when I do a full post about my new store.


    Profile Footer.png

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