Don't Go Out At Night: Grounded Gameplay


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    Published on Sep 22, 2022
    About :

    Whatsuppp Gamers and Hivers!

    Bringing you another video of Grounded!

    In the last episode we had some troubles brewing, this one is not so different.
    In case you missed the last episode check it out here.

    In the previous episode I got a bit entangled, almost literally. After heading back to base camp to re-evaluate my choices and how to achieve the goal in finding the Hedge lab. This is how it went. Give the post a quick scroll through and then follow with the video.

    Screenshot 2022-09-22 210154.jpg

    The Spider Incident

    So once I got back to base camp I wanted to craft some torches before going to bed, you know just in-case I run into trouble at the Hedge and have to survive the night.

    Well things didn't go according to plan in this episode, while searching for dry grass chunks to craft the torches with I ran into the biggest spider I have seen in the game thus far.

    Check the second picture below, the eyes are on top of the picture glowing red!

    Screenshot 2022-09-22 210252.jpg

    Casually gathering dry grass chunks, when.

    Screenshot 2022-09-22 210340.jpg

    The spider suddenly jumping me like It's been watching me the whole time.

    Sorting out the Inventory Problem.

    Somewhere along the line my inventory got stuffep up, and mostly with junk to be honest. But as I am I cant throw away anything, except for pebbles I like throwing them away!

    The only thing I really needed was some clover leaves, at first I though wow where am I going to find clover leaves. Let me put it this way I didn't really search that long before I found the Clover Fields

    You see my problem is I am gathering resources for one bucket and then I think I can build two, what even?

    Screenshot 2022-09-22 210710.jpg

    Bucket Building Requires 3 Crude Ropes

    Screenshot 2022-09-22 210832.jpg

    Nice Clovers ready for me to chop off

    Screenshot 2022-09-22 210937.jpg

    Chose the perfect spot for my new bucket of junk

    The Action Figure Head Location.

    By the way I'm unsure what the exact name of the location is but its got something to do with a collectible if I'm not mistaken. Anyway I though this is cool, wondering where the rest is.🤣 (I'll pin the location properly in the next post of grounded.)

    I saw some place with nails, I just ran past but they looked bloodied up and just like a hellish location overall. It didn't trigger the location discovery yet so lets see what it can bring up. Anyone that maybe wants to have a crack at it? what are your thoughts?

    Screenshot 2022-09-22 211006.jpg

    Figurine Collectible Location

    The Retry Hedge Ascent.

    Okay I think I'm ready now, uncertainty covers me as I ascend this tree. Oh yeas and I do happen to miss a jump and plummet to my death, like 40 cm's high or something. Weak little fella I am. Anyway so I had to run all the way back up again like 560 cm away I think crossing the same treacherous territory's again.

    Hopefully I make it further this time!

    Screenshot 2022-09-22 211039.jpg

    The Hedge ascent with a blue berry their to the left, ofcourse I chopped it up!

    Zip-lines? How Will I Get Back?

    I'm telling you Finding zip-lines feels nice, It's how you know you're on the right track! The Hedge Lab can't be far now.

    I think there is a 3rd person mode on this game, should probably check the settings.

    Screenshot 2022-09-22 211122.jpg

    One of the many zip-lines I had to travel across! Adventure time!

    New Labs, New Problems

    I did manage to discover the new Hedge Lab eventually, but now I have new problems. I'm really starting to wonder if I didn't perhaps managed to skip a few quests because it feels like I might be leaping here with that spider there in that corner. I think I am in trouble... Serious trouble.

    Screenshot 2022-09-22 211209.jpg

    My biggest problem yet sleeping in the corner.

    If you have any recommendations on any games you want to see me playing throw it out there in the comments!

    Until next time stay good people! Keep on gaming and keep on Hiveing!!!!

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    hivegaming ocdb threespeak decentralization grounded palnet leofinance hivesouthafrica gaming powerhousecreatives

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