Falling Back Again: Grounded Gameplay


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    Published on Sep 24, 2022
    About :

    Whatsuupppp Gamers and Hivers!

    I'm at it again with another video of Grounded game play!

    Incase you missed the last episode check it out Don't Go Out At Night: Grounded Gameplay

    So in this episode I had to retreat back to base camp again, there was just now way I was going to beat that spider with so little armor on my soft skin. Lets say I do...somehow kill it, I would be left with no food or medical supplies to even try and challenge what awaits further down in the lab.

    I made the call and started my journey back to base camp where I once again re-evaluated my decisions and also got more geared and did some focusing on my base building, not a lot but I made some stockpiles.

    I Need to Fall Back

    Atleast I made it safely down the damn tree before it got dark, otherwise I would have definitely fallen off and died!
    I'm in a bit of a pickle jar here because my main weapon is very damaged at the moment so hopefully I don't run into a lot of trouble on the way home.

    Screenshot 2022-09-24 162401.jpg

    Starting Improvements On Base Camp

    After checking out the building menu I decided to start off with the easiest building to build and also those I can stockpile on to start hoarding my stuff! I built a Stem Pallet and a Plank Pallet it took some gathering time to get all the resources needed for these two buildings.

    I like the fact that I can pick them up again and relocate them to a different spot, so one day when I'm over living between the grass I shall pick up my base and relocate it.

    Screenshot 2022-09-24 162641.jpg

    Finally a Smithing Station

    Now you see if I had this little puppy a bit earlier in the game I think things would have gone a lot smoother than it did so far! This is by far the best build I slapped together in this episode!

    Screenshot 2022-09-24 162903.jpg

    Doing Some Armor Upgrades

    So without the Smithing Station I would not have been able to upgrade my armor items, well I have to say without visiting the Hedge Lab I also would not have been able to upgrade them as well because I received the required metals and pebbles at the Hedge Lab so it wasn't as much time wasted as I first thought!

    Win Win and Lose Lose or just Win Win.

    Screenshot 2022-09-24 162926.jpg

    I upgraded a few things.

    • The Red Ant Helmut

    • The Clover Poncho

    • The Red Ant Knee Guards

    • The Pebblet Axe

    • The Spear

    So upgrading all of those really pushed up my defence as well as my offence points and this made killing them little creatures a little bit easier and the bonus was I ain't no squishy little bug anymore.

    Screenshot 2022-09-24 163103.jpg

    The Gathering Phase

    Before setting of to the Hedge Lab again I decided to stockpile some stuff, believe me it's stuff I can easily find but saving a few seconds every time can give you a lot of progress in the long run!

    Screenshot 2022-09-24 162526.jpg

    YESSSSSS I finally found out what gives me the stems! It seems to come from the dandelion plant. This is good, well I ain't sure what I will be using the stem from the dandelion plants for but now at least I did start to stockpile them a little bit!

    Screenshot 2022-09-24 163223.jpg

    Stacked up grass pallets as well because why not! You'll see me chucking a few extra planks on top of it now I wonder if I they will despawn or not but I had extras that's all I know!!!

    Screenshot 2022-09-24 163024.jpg

    I've been looking for this I could have survived all those falls from the Hedge if I had one of these baby's in my backpack! It would surely have saved me some running time xD xD However I am where I am now and I have what I have now!

    Screenshot 2022-09-24 163144.jpg

    If you have any recommendations on any games you want to see me playing throw it out there in the comments!

    Until next time stay good people! Keep on gaming and keep on Hiveing!!!!

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    hivegaming ocdb threespeak decentralization grounded palnet leofinance hivesouthafrica gaming powerhousecreatives

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