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    Published on May 31, 2022
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    In this latest video we learn about an investment opportunity which I touched on in one of my previous videos but didn't really do a proper ROI. I had a question recently in my community discord which made me realize that perhaps people still aren't thinking about this opportunity correctly.


    So we specifically talk about the purchase of DEC/Chaos Legion and how now has never been a better time to make preparations to purchase these boosters.

    If we were looking to purchase 550 packs to make sure that we're guaranteed the next card airdrops, we would require 2 million odd DEC. Because 1000 DEC is now pegged to $1 USD in regards to any purchases made through the Splinterlands shop, there is no risk on the table if we were to hold that DEC and purchase these boosters at a later date because it's neither here nor there if DEC drops within that time; as we can still redeem 1000 DEC for $1 USD. In fact, if we were to hold 2 million DEC for the last 58 days remaining days of the SPS airdrop we would accrue 7,577 SPS by the end of the airdrop. At current SPS prices this would be $712 dollars worth of SPS.

    If DEC decreased within this time below it's peg, we would still be able to purchase the same amount of Chaos Legion packs at the end of the airdrop and be $712 dollars up on SPS at current value. If DEC rose however within this time, we would not only be making a profit from the SPS accumulated, but we would also be making a profit on the difference in value of DEC from now until then too.


    Not only this, but we are also reaching the pointy end of the Chaos Legion sale meaning that the remaining card airdrops are legendary summoners. These, as with any release, have been shown to be the most valuable cards within each edition. So now we would also be guaranteed airdrops throughout the remainder of the Chaos Legion Sale. At a guess, I would presume these airdrops would be worth somewhere in the realms of 60-100 USD in value upon their release. So now we've made $712 USD in SPS, $400 or so dollars on the remaining airdrops, and have 550 packs of chaos legion which are also likely to soar in value when the Chaos Legion sale comes to an end, especially since the latest rewards update and the crucial requirement of cards to increase those rewards.

    The more packs an individual is willing to purchase (if the DEC is purchased now in preparation) will compound our returns; as we will assume a larger amount of SPS airdropped as well as more airdropped cards, plus the possibility of DEC & SPS increasing within this period of time.


    There's another bonus here though. Right now, vouchers are going for only $1.16 and because we receive a 15% booster pack bonus, we could receive 82 more packs on our 550 packs for just $95.12 in vouchers. That's $328 dollars worth of Chaos Legion Booster pack value for only $95.12.

    In the video we also go over a bullish and bearish ROI scenario so you can see profit entailed.


    It is abundantly clear to see that if we were thinking about purchasing Chaos Legion boosters right now, the best way to do this would be to hold on to the DEC and wait for the remaining SPS airdrop days to materialize before purchasing. If done this way, our risk to reward is incredible. We would accumulate free SPS which could possibly rise in value between now and then, the DEC that we purchase now also has the possibility of rising in value, we would receive free airdrop cards which add to our returns, we could increase the amount of packs purchased with vouchers thus receiving a ton more packs at a huge discount, and we could do all of this with minimal risk because even if DEC drops below peg, we could still purchase regardless, whilst having a truck load more SPS as well as airdrop cards at no extra cost.

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