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    Published on Sep 06, 2022
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    In my latest video I wanted to go through some cost effective cards which I believe are great pick-ups considering the latest SPS reward updates and changes to daily focuses. If you guys enjoy it, this one will be a two part series to make it more digestible for you all, so make sure you hit the like and subscribe button so you don't miss out on the next one.

    In short, using cards that are in line with your daily quest will still reel in more daily chests, season chests and most importantly SPS. And seeing as the number of rshares required to earn daily and season chests has been increased across all leagues, you're going to want to still be using these cards wherever possible. In this video i'm going to highlight my favorite card picks for each ability focus so that you can easily maximize your rewards.

    To start off we have the Anti Magic focus. Using cards with either void, phase, or void armor will compound those rshare points. My number #1 pick for this ability focus is going to be the chaos agent with phase. At only 1 mana cost, you'll be able to squeeze him into basically any lineup without drastically affecting your win rate. Also, being a neutral card you can play him alongside any squad unless the taking sides battle ruleset is up. This card is a beast in many rulesets as well as in higher leagues -- and with over a 50% win rate in modern, you're going to want to grab a copy regardless.

    Next up we have Reflect where using cards with backfire, return fire, or magic reflect will help gain those extra rshares. My number #1 pick with backfire for this daily focus is... well what do ya know, it's chaos agent! Again, you cannot go wrong with a 1 mana card that can be played in any lineup. An honorable mention also goes to Xenith Monk with the magic reflect ability. He's a great tank in lower mana battles and again can be used alongside any splinter.

    Stealth is next, where sneak, snipe, and opportunity will make the difference to those extra rshares. Uraeus is my top tier pick here, and because of his minimal 3 mana cost, he can be slotted into the majority of lineups being a neutral card. He also offers great utility with well over a 50% win rate in most leagues.

    Anti-melee is next and the abilities we'll need here are thorns or retaliate. Now because you cannot consistently use a single card here that will slot into any lineup and increase your rewards without affecting your win rate with this focus, personally this is going to be one of the ones I will be avoiding if possible. I still however wanted to mention Disintegrator with retaliate who gains more utility as you progress into higher leagues, you'll find he can be played quite regularly across any splinter. Mylor with thorns is also going to be a great pick, but obviously he cannot be played in any lineup since he is a part of the earth Splinter. His cost also makes him inaccessible to some players. He's also somewhat unpredictable in that he really shines in some rulesets, but then isn't so great in others.

    Next up is the Buffs focus - where Swiftness, Inspire, Protect or Strenghten will be required to maximize those rshares. Supply runner is an easy #1 pick here sporting both Swiftness & strengthen whilst offering solid utility in any lineup. For the players who have a little extra cash to splash, I would be going with the Tower Griffin who has Protect and will be able to fit in to more of your squad picks being that his mana requirement is only 4.

    Next we have Defend, and we're going to want to be using Shield or Repair to increase our rewards. Another easy #1 pick here is scavo hireling. He is the only card in modern other than Adelade Brightwing who receives repair at level 1. But because of his minimial 3 mana cost, and being that he's neutral and can be played in any squad lineup, he's definitely going to be great here. Ontop of that, with the combination of camoflage and some of the battle rulesets, he can be a real pain to deal with.

    Flying is the next focus which of course is the easiest focus ability to remember ability wise. The number one pick by a long shot with the flying ability in modern is Gargoya Devil. For $2.54 for a max copy and over a 60% win rate in all leagues with a card that can be played in any lineup? You'd have to be crazy to not see the value in this card at that price.

    Check out the video for more information!

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