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    Published on May 07, 2021
    About :

    Hi everyone! Today was another great ending to a very exciting Splinterlands Brawl! Immortal Gods came in 1st place winning 73 crowns! I was live-streaming it on YouTube, Twitch & Theta. It was exciting for sure! A few lucky players on the stream won the spinning wheel and received an Untamed pack for showing up and watching!
    Congrats to @ty2nicerva @warrentrx and @rondonshneezy. We also played a few Splinterlands battle challenges and 1K DEC was awarded to the following players for beating me: @typicalplaya14 @mejiasclaudiaand 500 DEC for a consolidation prize went to @maxim4444 and @aubryd! Thanks for joining me for some Splinterlands fun!
    From the start I always wondered what do the players get for right now for battling and winning in brawls? I think it's cool that they can be rewarded for such awesome work! I always say I can't guarantee a prize every time from me but so far I have been able to do so! Prizes were given out from me below. I will be excited when Splinterlands starts to reward Brawl players in the future! I think that is an awesome idea!

    The prizes I gave out today were an Untamed pack to all of those in Immortal Gods and IGIV! I also gave IGIV 1st place through 3rd place 2K DEC each! They needed a little boost as they were up against all the Guilds high above them! They did great coming in for 3rd overall! It was very close to Neoxian as well with only a 3 win difference!
    Immortal Gods players who had a 0 loss record or who won 4 wins received an Untamed pack from me. The winners are: @jaki01 (Congrats on the 0 loss record and 1st place!) @bubke @ty2nicerva @ninjascott @goodasgold @digital-wisdom @byzantinist and @pladozero!


    Immortal Gods IV Winners 1st - 3rd place received 2K DEC each.
    1st place Winner - @teejays
    2nd place Winner - @sirdemian
    3rd place Winner - @teddykgb
    Immortal Gods IV Winners of an Untamed pack: @teejays @sirdemian @teddykgb @milomex @alex-hm
    Immortal Gods IV who won a card: A Spirit Shaman went to @nervi and @bobcatg. A Wizard of Eastwood card went to @alexmonster & @mac-spacer!
    The Guild brawl that ended on May 2nd,2021 was also an exciting brawl to see as well! I was streaming it live HERE and there were lots of giveaways in chat as you will see! After the stream, I headed over to hand out prizes to Immortal Gods & Immortal Gods IV Guild brawl players. It was a great success and very exciting as well!
    1st- @cornavirus with 7 wins! He Won an Untamed pack and 5K DEC!
    2nd- @ninjascott with 7 wins! He won an Untamed pack and 3K DEC!
    3rd- @pacolimited with 7 wins! He won an Untamed pack and 2K DEC!
    The following 3 Players had a 0 LOSS RECORD:
    @byzantinist won an Untamed pack and 1K DEC for 0 LOSSES!
    @goodasgold won an Untamed pack and 1K DEC with 0 LOSSES!
    @digital-wisdom won an Untamed pack and 1K DEC for 0 LOSSES!
    Other players who won an Untamed pack: @joshman with 7 wins! @khazrakh with 6 wins! @jrvacation with 6 wins! @pladozero with 6 wins! @cyberblock with 4 wins! @mhossain with 3 wins! Thank you to all the players in the Guild brawl, it was great because of you! I will see you all on the battlefield! ~@clove71

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    I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

    I will see you all on the battlefield!

    May the Monsters be with you.

    Chris Love @clove71
    Splinterlands Rep

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    splinterlands spt community gaming leofinance

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