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Published on Dec 03, 2019
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Youtube is removing a lot of channels and blocking videos, I decided to move all my youtube videos to @thresspeak.

This video is very special for me, because I sang the first time in my life on the scene and that was a dream that I realized in my 27 years old. Now, I'm 34 and I like to remember that. That proves to me that if we want something for a long time and we do our best to get it, we may get it anyway.


That also remind me of my relation with my father. To be brief my father is a very strinct man. When we went back, me and my sisters to Algeria, he didn't even let us speak Russian. He wasn't letting us watching movies and wanted us to live with his crazy rules. Even listening the music was kind of prohibited, because he's a serious man and he didn't like that neighbors will here a loud music from us even in the day time.

But, music for me is like oxigen. If I don't listen to it some day, I don't think I lived it. lol I mean I can't live without music. I sing it, listen to it and even try to create it with software because I don't play any instrument. But, I like to sing karaoke and some famous songs when it's quiet home, or even sometimes when I walk in the street.

So, I know four languages and I sing in Arabic, French, Russian and English. I live very much French songs because they make me relax and feel peace. I don't sing that much Arabic songs, because I don't a lot of them. I sing Russian when the patriot wake up in me. lol Recently I sing a lot of English songs, because I still want to improve my English even more.

I'm half Algerian and half Russian. ☺

As I told you, my father was a strict man and maybe forbiding music in our house was an other reason, why I love music so much. It's the nature of most people, when something is forbiden thet like to try it even more. lol

Despite that, I was listening to a lot of music in my headphones, even before I had a PC. I remember having that walkman with cassettes and when I remember that I feel so much nostalgy. The best thing I was experiencing is listening to the music with the walkman under the rain with the umbrella. That was an awesome feeling.


Anyway, Algeria was a French colony for more than 100 years and that's why their second language is French. Even in their documents you find the French language and in the university all the sientific fields are learned in French. Even me, my field was related to computers and my first diploma was completely French. I still speak some of that language, but I forget a lot because I'm living in Russia for a long time.

So, I was listening to a lot of French music and I was enjoying it and dreaming to sing someday on the scene and even imagining that. That was impossible for me in Algeria because my father was strict and he wasn't doing anything for us to make us realized our dreams because he wanted us to live just like he wants. In the end I left the country and even quited a job I had there when I grew up. I had good one in the capital but I was running after my dream. That was to travel to Russia and to do things I wasn't able to do there. One of them is singing on the scene.

To live in Russia because I'm a foreiner here, I needed a visa. The only way was to get the educational one. So, I started to study here with 17 years old people while I was 25 and that wasn't easy as well. Because I was for them a kind of weirdo. The oldest one from an other country sitting in the last table. Of course no one wanted to friend me and I understand them. So, I was the lonely bird in the Univesity, but to feel better I started to participate in a lot of activities, like English clubs and organizing meetings and I decided to profit from that when they said that will have a consert with foreiners singing and acting.


I decided to choose the most famous French song and sing it there. That was the song of Joe Dassin ''Et Si Tu N'Existais Pas'' in English ''And if you did not exist''.

From my childhood and because of all the stress I experienced. I have a very weak memory. So, I just decided to train longer to learn the song by heart. It took me 3 months to train not only to remember all the song, but to sing it note by note.

In the end, I did it and it was one of the most amazing feeling I ever had in my life. Even though in the beginning I didn't sang in the microphone and they guys who were running the music understand that and just started the music again and I started just like a star. ☺

Enjoy listening the music and watching the video.

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