This Is What A Close Call Looks Like


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    Published on Dec 10, 2021
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    Rule Sets: Equalizer and Healed Out

    This is probably one of the most interesting matches that I’ve ever seen. The reason I think so was because of how the fight turns out. Besides that, this match also showcases the importance of proper placement.

    In this particular matchup, I was paired against an opponent that uses General Sloan as his summoner. I, on the other hand chooses to use Queen Obsidian for her +1 to magic damage.

    The mana cap for this matchup is 23 which mean that cards that we could put on the field was limited. But with the Equalizer rule set, we could put even a weak monster with low mana requirement and that monster could still become an effective tank. My opponent made good use of that and use Chaos Knight with the Shield ability as his main tank, Portal Spinner as secondary tank and attacker, Pelacor Arbalest as his main damage dealer, Xenith Archer for additional 2 damage, and a Chicken.

    On my part, I choose Unicorn Mustang since I’m anticipating that my opponent would also choose Queen Obsidian. Obviously, I guessed wrongly…

    Since Unicorn Mustang is an 8-mana card, number of monster cards I could put on the field was greatly restricted. Meaning, I couldn’t use Goblin Psychic, Mycelic Slipspawn, and Regal Peryton since all of those cards requires a lot of mana. Not a problem though since I have rented Doctor Blight, and bought Djinn Biljka not too long ago so I could use the two cards as replacement. I also added Khimer Princess and Failed Summoner to the mix so my opponent and I have the same number of cards on the field.

    Judging by the lineup alone, my team’s firepower and speed was lacking in comparison to my opponent. And because my opponent was slightly faster than me, he got to go first. And as everyone knew already, speed is of vital importance as it can decide between victory and defeat.

    Once the match starts, my opponent’s monsters quickly demolishes my front line especially Pelacor Arbalest who not only has 3 attacks thanks to effect of General Sloan, but could also attack twice.

    Honestly, when I saw my front liners being destroyed just like that, my first thought was that “It’s over… I lost” but to my pleasant surprise things didn’t end up as I expected. Instead of losing, I actually won!

    Yes, somehow or another, I was able to pull a victory against my opponent, and it’s all thanks to the rule set (Equalizer) which equalizes every monsters’ health to that of the monster with the highest health (Unicorn Mustang), and the fact that my opponent made a serious placement mistake.

    If my opponent placed Chicken before Xenith Archer, I would have no doubt lost the match but since the Chicken was put furthest to the back, I won instead. That’s just how close I was to losing. My opponent was probably guarding against sneak attacks unfortunately for him though I went full frontal attacks instead.

    Anyways, the match was a good lesson for both myself and my opponent, and should also help other players understand the importance of placement in the game. Although there’s a lot of RNG involved, it couldn’t hide the fact that proper unit placement could help improve the chance of victory.

    That’s all for now. Thanks for your time.

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