Forgetting A Crucial Rule Set Of The Match And The Unexpected Result


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    Published on Jan 12, 2022
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    Rule Sets: Fog of War and Equalizer

    This match is weird. It’s a fight that I only manage to win mainly because of luck. The reason I say mainly because of luck was due to the fact that I made a very crucial mistake when choosing some of my splinters to the point that I really shouldn’t have won.

    That being said, luck wasn’t the only reason that I won the match which is why I say “mainly because of luck” and not “all because of luck”. My opponent and my decision to use certain splinter or splinters also play a crucial part in my victory.

    The Crucial Mistake that I made that should have cost me the match

    As previously mentioned; I made a very crucial mistake when choosing certain splinters. For example; I shouldn’t have used Tenjin Striker and Uraeus in the match.

    Why you asked? It’s because of the rule set, Fog of War.

    The rule set, Fog of War would temporarily remove the ability Sneak and Snipe from any splinter. This means that splinter with both Sneak and Snipe could not attack the opposing side’s backline, and could only attack the frontline.

    It’s not really that big of an issue if you’re using a range and magic attack unit but a huge problem if you’re using melee.

    I think you already knew what I’m getting at but Tenjin Striker and Uraeus were melee unit which mean that unless you put them at the front, these two won’t be able to attack because of the rule set which was what exactly happened in this particular match.

    Besides the aforementioned two splinters; I also used Disentegrator which also happened to be melee unit at the back. But unlike the other two aforementioned splinters, Disentegrator’s positioning was actually on purpose. The reason for this was due to Disentegrator’s ability, Demoralize that could reduce the melee damage of the opposing side’s splinters by 1.

    Disentegrator’s Demoralize actually played a huge rule in this match.
    Now, you might be wondering… Why on earth did I even use Tenjin Striker and Uraeus in the first place?

    The answer to that question would be because I have completely forgotten about Fog of War after I started choosing my unit despite having seen and read the rule sets. Talk about having the memory of a gold fish, right?

    Anyway… let’s move on to the next variable that had allowed me to win this particular fight.

    My opponent’s “mistake” that had cost him the match

    Calling my opponent’s decision to use certain splinters a “mistake” might not be the right term to use here considering that I just happened to counter some of his plays. But since I don’t know what the right term to use, let’s just make do with “mistake.”

    Anyway, the first of my opponent’s mistake was his choice of summoner. Instead of using Pyre; my opponent should have used Tarsa instead.

    The reason for this was mainly due to the rule set, Equalizer.
    Fire splinters are known for their fire power but low health, as such a team of fire splinter should hit the opposing team hard and fast, causing as much damage as they could before they’re countered. This means that using Pyre, a summoner that could add +1 to speed wasn’t a bad idea. The thing about Pyre though was that he’s the best to use against teams with low health.

    If the opposing team has high health, then Tarsa was a better option since she could add +1 to melee damage and +1 to health.

    Now the reason why Pyre was not a good idea in this particular matchup was because Equalizer “equalizes” all of the splinters health to that of the unit with the highest health. So if one splinter has 7 health; all splinters would have 7 health as well which was exactly happened in this match. Moreover, as I’ve used Disentegrator, all of my opponent’s melee attackers had their attacks reduced by 1.

    The other “mistake” of my opponent was that he chooses splinters with range attacks.

    The thing about units with range attacks was the fact that although they could attack from the back line, they couldn’t once they’re in the front with the exception of several range-based splinters with certain ability that would allow them to fight in the front.

    All of the factors I mentioned above played a big rule in my victory in this particular match. If even one of the factors was missing, it’s highly likely that I would have lost the match due the crucial mistake that I had made beforehand.

    Anyway, that’s all I have for today. I did not do a more thorough analysis of the fight because there’s already a video for it. If you’re curious to see the particulars of the fight, I suggest watching the video.

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