Let there Be Speed and A Sneaky Golden Reward


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    Published on Dec 04, 2021
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    Rule Sets: Armored Up and Close Range

    This match was short; actually, it lasted till Round 8 but since there were only 3 monsters fighting it finishes rather quickly.

    In this match, one could learn the importance of speed, and how having more speed could spell victory or defeat. Let’s begin.

    My opponent in this match uses a Bortus and a Torhilo, against my Alric, Djinn Oshannus and Creeping Ooze. If you play or own both a Bortus and a Torhilo, you’ll know that the combination of the two is a pain in the neck for magic users. Bortus reduces magic damage by 1 while Torhilo’s Void ability reduces the damage it’ll receive by 1.

    To be honest after seeing my opponent’s line up, I was half expecting to lose. Fortunately, I only needed to face Bortus as it was one of those games with small mana cap (12). Moreover, the rule set; Armored Up works on my favor as Torhilo is a melee attacker which means that he would have to get through the armor first.

    So as the battle start, My Creeping Ooze activated its ability to reduce my opponent’s monster’s speed. It’s useless though as Torhilo only had 1 speed to begin with. But although Creeping Ooze’s ability had no effect in this match, it could still as a tank. Thanks to the 2 armor bestowed by Armor Up, it tool Torhilo 2 turn to kill the Ooze. And while it’s doing that, Djinn Oshannus was whittling its health away – one damage at a time.

    After killing Creeping Ooze, Oshannus was finally exposed to Torhilo’s wrath… or it should have been if not for the fact that Oshannus’ no pushover. Although it could only do a single damage every attack, it was fast enough to dodge many of Torhilo’s attacks.

    So after Torhilo reduced my monster’s health to 6, Oshannus probably thought that enough was enough and activated its ultra-instinct – dodging all of Torhilo’s attack from the point onward – giving me the win.

    In all honesty, the match between Oshannus and Torhilo was more of bullying than an actual fight thanks to my monster’s speed. Torhilo with its 1 speed could only helplessly lose because it could not match Oshannus’s overwhelming speed. So yeah, speed is definitely king in this game.

    Now that’s over, let’s go to the reward. Today’s daily quest reward was truly something. Opening two loot chests gave me a great surprise: An epic gold foil Uraeus!

    Gold Epic.PNG

    It was the first time since I started playing the game that the game gave me something really great. Not only was the epic gold foil Uraeus expensive (priced at $80 or so), it also gives 2500 CP!

    Seeing the reward I've received for the daily made me realized that Splinterlands could be very profitable at times.

    Moreover, with the gold foiled Uraeus added to my collection, I now have 9115 CP. That’s less than 6k CP needed for the 15k needed for Silver 3! A few more legendary cards and I could finally say goodbye to renting power just to get to the Silver League. And once the CL packs are opened, I would surely grab some of those new legendary cards in the Card Market.

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