Baldur's Gate - Dark Alliance - Conquering The Deadly Thieves Guild And Raiding Their Treasure Hoard


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    Published on Feb 05, 2022
    About :

    Howdy Gamers

    Yesterday I jumped back into Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance and finally made it passed an area in the Thieves guild that has been giving me problems.Im playing on hard mode and the Thieves Guild is the deadliest stage so far.

    You can read the story so far and learn how we ended up in this den of thieves here.

    We get to this area where there are several knife throwing thieves that can kill me in 2 or 3 hits,they are stuck behind 3 crates so ranged attacks are the only real way to deal with them.

    I found spamming magic missiles was the most effective way to slowly burn them down. Each Thief has somewhere around 70-100 hp so this took a while.
    My Video5.gif
    Gif by me -spamming magic missles is the best way to deal with these thieves

    In the video above on the first attempt (which is probably my 12th attempt in total) I got all the thieves down but as the last one fell he threw a knife and took me down with him...I couldn't believe it and decided to keep that failed attempt in the video as I highly doubt I could pull that of again... :)

    My Video6.gif
    Gif by me - As I go in for the kill a sneaky thief throws one last knife taking me out before my magic missiles kill him....

    I finally clear this area of thieves and work on clearing the next rooms.

    At this point I feel like Im playing on survival mode as I have burnt through all my mana and healing potions and I have no money to buy more.I need some good loot to sell if I was going to make it to the end of the stage.

    Moving further into the guild I find a new monster type that is surprisingly easy to kill...

    My Video8.gif
    Gif by me - Dracarys you freaky flying cyclops pod monster!

    At the end of the corridor guarded by these cyclops pod monsters is the Thieves Guild treasure room....I can hardly believe my luck...a room full of treasure chests guarded by monsters that are easy to kill.

    We have made it this far we deserve some phat loots! To the victor go the spoils! Here is a short video showing all the loot I found here.

    6 of the 7 chests have loot in them and one is a trap with a bomb in it.The rare spices that were stolen from Keairas caravan are also here.


    I'm badly in need of some potions so I head back to the trader in the Elf song tavern to sell my newly acquired loots and to return the rare spices to Keaira


    Among the items I looted is a very nice +1 Intelligence ring, I decide to hold on to it for now, it will raise my intelligence from 18 to 19 and raise my mana from 65 to 70.
    The short bow might come in handy if I find myself in a position where I run out of potions I will hold on to that also.Snapshot_19.png
    After selling the loot Im willing to part with I have 1415 gold ,enough for many potions, everything should be smooth sailing from here on.Snapshot_20.png

    Keaira gives us a +Iron shield for returning the spices.


    The shield is a welcome addition, I haven't seen one anywhere near as good in my close to 6 hour of play time. It adds 5 armour raising my armour from 32 to 37.

    With my new shield and full belt of healing and mana potions I feel like a badass Elven Sorceress. Its time to head back in and finishing clearing this thieves guild out.

    It turns out we made it to the end...all the thieves are dead...In one of their bedrooms I find 3 more treasure chests.
    We get an amulet of protection which is good but I already have better...this one will bring 482 more gold tho.
    At last the end of this deadly level...time to see what Guild level 2 has in store for us.
    This level is a trap filled maze know as The Gauntlet.....
    I will continue this in Conquering The Deadly Thieves Guild Part 2 - The Gauntlet!

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