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    Published on Jun 21, 2022
    About :

    Hi Everyone

    Im back this week to take a shot at another Three Tune Tuesday which is hosted each week by @ablaze.

    This week I am going with a theme of songs of the sea.

    In the video I bring my usual blend of songs and stories , singing you guys 3 songs of the sea and telling stories of what these songs mean to me ,where I found them etc.

    Our first song is a classic old Irish folk song called the Irish Rover.Im taking my inspiration for this one from the classic version by The Clancy Brothers

    Here are the lyrics I sing in my version...

    "The Irish Rover"

    On the Fourth of July, 1806
    We set sail from the sweet Cove of Cork
    We were sailing away with a cargo of bricks
    For the Grand City Hall in New York
    'Twas a wonderful craft, she was rigged fore and aft
    And oh, how the trade wind's drove her
    She stood several blasts, she had twenty seven masts
    And they called her The Irish Rover

    We had one million bags of the best Sligo rags
    We had two million barrels of stone
    We had three million bails of old nanny goats' tails
    We had four million barrels of bones
    We had five million hogs and six million dogs
    Seven million barrels of porter
    We had eight million sides of old blind horses hides
    In the hold of the Irish Rover

    There was awl Mickey Coote who played hard on his flute
    When the ladies lined up for a set
    He was tootin' with skill for each sparkling quadrille
    Though the dancers were fluther'd and bet
    With his smart witty talk, he was cock of the walk
    And he rolled the dames under and over
    They all knew at a glance when he took up his stance
    That he sailed in The Irish Rover

    There was Barney McGee from the banks of the Lee
    There was Hogan from County Tyrone
    There was Johnny McGurk who was scared stiff of work
    And a man from Westmeath called Malone
    There was Slugger O'Toole who was drunk as a rule
    And fighting Bill Treacy from Dover
    And your man, Mick MacCann from the banks of the Bann
    Was the skipper of the Irish Rover

    For a sailor it's always a bother in life
    It's so lonesome by night and day
    That he longs for the shore and a charming young whore
    Who will melt all his troubles away
    Oh, the noise and the rout swillin' poitin and stout
    For him soon the torment's over
    Of the love of a maid, he is never afraid
    An old salt from the Irish Rover

    We had sailed seven years when the measles broke out
    And the ship lost her way in the fog
    And that whale of a crew was reduced down to two
    Just myself and the Captain's old dog
    Then the ship struck a rock, oh Lord! What a shock
    The bulkhead was turned right over
    Turned nine times around and the poor old dog was drowned
    And I'm the last of The Irish Rover

    The next song in the set is one I found just last week from the Gemsonvhs youtube channel.Its sung by a young folk musician I really admire.He is keeping the
    folk music tradition alive playing songs in a style that reminds me of Bob Dylan and Woody Gutherie.
    This video is pretty recently recorded and posted.It was recorded in McSorleys bar , the oldest Irish pub in New York.

    In the video I manage to make it right through the Irish Rover and The Rudderless ship without taking a break ,pausing the camera or messing up a take, a good sign that Im making progress,thats harder to do than one might think.

    "The Rudderless Ship"

    Call me Okeefe, another tale of the sea
    Sailing by the light of the sun
    In the year of our lord, two thousand something
    A four year long voyage begun
    All the world watched in shock, waved farewell from the dock
    To us bound on a bountyless trip
    And in a gale we set sail into the mouth of a whale
    Sailing on The Rudderless Ship

    "Sailors take warning" screamed the red sky of morning
    To a far from gallant band
    While a wise lighthouse stood quiet as a mouse
    Knowing we'd bury our heads in the sand
    We struck left and we struck right, from the break of dawn until night
    Headed nowhere, but adrift
    Down the long the wavy straight of the Titanic's fate
    Sailing on The Rudderless Ship

    Oh the captain of the keel was no hands on the wheel
    A reckless abandon! A fool!
    With promises of freedom dropped the anchor of treason
    To what depths will a man go to rule?
    And his men whatever rank for him would walk the plank
    Bare the lashes of his accursed whip
    Paying the devil well upon a floating hell
    Sailing on The Rudderless Ship

    I hoped a final harbour would terminate the charter
    So one could unmoor no more
    For the chains of the sea weighed down heavy on me
    I hope to end my days on the shore
    I dreamed and I dreamed of Fiddler's Green
    Where the journey was all but a blip
    Forget trouble and strife, close the chapter of life
    Sailing on The Rudderless Ship

    But a sailor's last dance is just a game of chance
    Swirling around in the deep
    It's quadrille or peril when you're at the wind's will
    Pray the lord your soul to keep
    And if you ever get the notion to be a pilot at the ocean
    Find another craft to skip
    Your destination is unknown, the sea will have her own
    When you're sailing on The Rudderless Ship

    Your destination is unknown, the sea will have her own
    When you're sailing on The Rudderless Ship

    To finish of the set I sing "Sailing " by Rod Stewart.

    I learned this about a month ago when I heard a drunk guy singing it at the top of his voice in a pub in South Queensferry.

    I am sailing, I am sailing
    Home again 'cross the sea
    I am sailing, stormy waters
    To be near you, to be free
    I am flying, I am flying
    Like a bird 'cross the sky
    I am flying, passing high clouds
    To be with you, to be free
    Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
    Through the dark night, far away
    I am dying, forever crying
    To be with you, who can say
    Can you hear me? Can you hear me?
    Through the dark night far away
    I am dying, forever crying
    To be with you, who can say
    We are sailing, we are sailing
    Home again 'cross the sea
    We are sailing stormy waters
    To be near you, to be free
    Oh Lord, to be near you, to be free
    Oh my Lord, to be near you, to be free
    Oh my Lord, to be near you, to be free

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