If you don't dream about your dreams...


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    Published on Jan 15, 2022
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    They always say you have to push to acheive your dreams. But they never said how much pushing, did they? More often then not, I try to look for a revelation which shows if I am pushing enough. Yes, finding yourself at the goalpost might be a good indicator, but how do you know you are on your way to it. Ah, dreams. What a mystical world it is. To date there isnt a clear scientific concensus of what dreams are and decyphering them has been a rougher terrrain in terms of concensus.
    Its not a mystery. Your personal dreams or goals are much different than actual noctural dreams. However, they are called dreams because they can sometimes seem just as mystical and unacheivable.
    But what happens when you start seeing your dreams in your dreams?
    I mean, your goals in your noctural dreams?
    Why does it happen? What do they mean?

    I have been asking this question to myself since I was a kid. At that time I used to dream about a game that I played on an amateur-tournament level. I used to see it so often and never figured out why. As I grew up and my responsibilites became bigger and bigger, the dreams followed. Now they are just as heavy and relevant to the current responsibilites and aspirations.
    I find these dreams only happen when I am very obsessed with acheiving somehting. Think of a goal that you are very determined to acheive that it turns passionate and personal. Whenever I have such a goal I start dreaming about them. Often more than not, I try to go into the realm of lucid dreaming with it. I have had very poor results, but I have been succesful sometimes. The reason is simple, it is the only place where I can try things out. Have you had lucid dreams? Do you actively try to get into a state of lucid dreaming? What do you do there?
    It is a very interesing occurance. However, I cannot find a better explanation. I only dream of my aspirations when I am very inclined towards pursuing them successfully. When there is something that I am not very passionate about, I do not dream of it.
    I did a little digging about this on the internet and turns out I am not alone.
    Maybe it is right to say "if you arent dreaming about your dreams, then you arent passionate enough to dream it".


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