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    Published on Jan 30, 2022
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    In this video I open up 200 Chaos packs in the Play2Earn game called Splinterlands

    I decided today was the day to open up 200 more packs. The goal for Chaos was max deck by the end of this month and this 200 pack opening should put us rather close to that goal. With just 24 hours left we will be hitting the market!

    In total 15 legendary cards where picked up! One of the highest pick ups yet and what's interesting is hardly no options were used. That also means that that amount of cards would fully level up one legendary card and have a few left over. That's a seriously good pull in my opinion.

    In total we have now opened up 1,200 Chaos packs.

    Where does that make us stand?

    One of the coolest things is we are ranked so far at Diamond 2 for this season. Which I account directly to leveling up this Chaos deck quickly. We still need hundreds of cards in order to max out the deck but the nice thing is most of these can be bought for pennies. Let's take a look.

    Take note these numbers are rough math estimates and are subject to change.
    Common Chaos Cards: I would say right now all of my common cards are at level 7 which puts me at about 250 cards of each needed to max them to level 10 At roughly $0.15 each per card that and a total of 29 total cards that puts me at roughly 7.250 cards needed and a cost of $1,087.50 to max out.

    Rare Chaos Cards: For these I put them at level 5 across the board which means 75 cards needed for each. At $0.40 each that means each card fully maxed would cost me another $30 each and with 28 total cards that is $840 needed

    Epic Chaos Cards: I put myself at level 3 even though many of these are on the high end of 3 and almost 4. In order to level these to max level 6 that would put us at 36 cards needed for each at about $2.20 each is $79.90 each card and with 17 total cards would need $1,358.30

    Legendary Chaos Cards: This is where I've focused the most and it seems to be paying off. While new ones drop each 1 million packs sold I've been holding pretty steady with them. I put this at a solid 3 which many nearing their 4 mark. But for easy math lets just say level 3 across the board. That means each card would need 5 more in order to fully level up to level 4. At a rough cost of $15 each card that means $75 a card and with 23 of these that's $1,725 needed.

    That puts me at a grand total to buy off the market for a max deck at a little over $5,000 but remember that's a very rough estimate and an over estimate as I'm not factoring in partial leveled up cards. I would realistically put this more around the $3,500 range. That would give up 875 packs with 5 cards in each 4,375 cards and honestly I'm going to say already it's less expensive to just max out on the markets right now lol.

    In total we spent $4,800 so far on packs and opening. Which moving forward I will most likely keep the packs and continue to build them on the site. That means a full deck would run us around $10,000 to max out from pack openings and buying off the market. You'd most likely spend more than that just trying to get them out of decks as you'll end up with extras of cards. Not a bad thing.

    The other thing I didn't factor in here is the gold foil cards. These to me are bonus as I don't in particular use them. However they do hold some solid value and the do count towards card numbers. I'd also not get these if I bought off the market. For example the Chaos summoner Quix The Devious gold foil is selling for about $275 so there's huge value there when opening your deck which could be sold off if you wanted to. Primarily what you're after on these deck opens would be a gold legendary. The other gold foils do hold value but it drastically pales in comparison to the legendary.

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