Published on Mar 25, 2021
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Basically New FarCrySix Gameplay But With Bears Not

HalfLife3 footage but bears are militarized rioters.
Basically new FarCrySix gameplay but not and with bears.
HalfLife3 was actually Bearparty Adventure the whole time.
Epic free and funny humorous game called Bearparty Adventure.
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Hello World, Hello Viewers!
When I downloaded this free game from Steam I thought it might be interesting to make another post that starts exactly like my previous one.
If this is somewhere posted in the wrong order this might make no sense at all.
If that is the case I am super sorry for that (not really, I don’t care because my brain was fried by this game).
This post might make no sense anyways because I am the author of it.


To answer one of the deepest and most useless questions ever I must say that I don’t know if I am real after playing this transcendent fever dream like experience that is basically new FarCry content but also not.
People wholwant to try the currently new FarCry6 might actually like this game here.
Just mentioning this because it actually is like a new FarCry game.


You must have realized that I am basically saying/writing whatever the hell I want because I can literally see everything in this amazing free fps campaign game.
Basically I am not joking when I say that Beaparty Adventure or Bisounoursparty Adventure, as some older depictions of this mode named it, feels partially like a new HalfLife game.
This amazing game actually has many FarCry vibes to it and might be slightly inspired by some of the mentioned games in this post.


At this point many may assume that this is a pure trashpost but it isn’t.
I am actually trying to provide value (not) be telling the world about this amazing game that will sadness and depressions make go away within the first thirty seconds of playing.
I can genuinely sat that if someone likes FarCry than this game feels like a fanmade mod but it actually is a standalone HalfLife mod that turned into one of the best free products out there.
I don’t know what the intentions of the creators of this game where but it is more massive than some modern triple a games.


The underlying humor and weirdness of this amazing free first person action game are persistent and even later on in the campaign when the game starts changing further and further it still keeps throwing new weird and funny aspects at the player.
The game also expands throughout the story and I hope that it will receive a sequel someday or maybe and extended version with even more variety or options to play this as a weird mmofps game.


The game is basically a “perfectly-balanced-everything”, as I pretended in my previous post but I fact it is way more than that.
I must say that I enjoy this dreamlike journey that inspires me to go to sleep and explore the darkest corners of my mind.
I mean it does not literally inspire me to go to sleep.
Only two days of sleep deprivation can do that but the game itself is a fantastic free adventure and more games should be like that.
If you want to see more of this game seen through the perspective of a crazy content creator who is trying to build his “channel-series of videos and blogs-things” feel free to give me comments, shares, likes, and to follow me everywhere (not literally) and let me know if you like my posts.
Go now and consume some olive oil, I’ve heard it won’t turn your intestines into plastic.
Yours Sincerely,

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