Opening 64 Loot Chests for EoS + 17 from Daily Focus on June 15th; & Opening 5 Chaos Legion Packs


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    Published on Jun 15, 2022
    About :

    Ahoy, on this June 15th the latest season in Splinterlands has ended and this is also the first End of Season since the introduction of the new rewards changes!

    I was able to gain 17 loot chests for my Daily Focus on the last day of the season, but I had to wait like 7 hours after End of Season before I was able to claim those. I decided to wait with claiming them so that I could also open them in this video together with the End of Season loot chests.

    For the season itself I gained 64 End of Season Loot Chests. Which is more than double of what I would normally get from finishing the season in Gold 1. I was trying to get to 65 Loot Chests before the timer for the season was up, but I ended up losing my last 2 fights before there were 5 minutes left until the end. In the last 5 minutes you can't queue for any new battles anymore, only finish the ones still going on. Still the 64 Loot Chests is pretty good for the first season with the update, I can now try to aim for more chests at the end of this next season.

    I start claiming the Daily Focus chests first, and from those 17 chests I got the following rewards:

    • DEC: 48, 48, 24 & 24

    • 6x Legendary Potion

    • 1x Alchemy Potion

    • 1x Ever-Hungry Skull

    • 1x Vulguine, yay that's my first of this card! I didn't get this one from my Daily Focus chests until now

    • 1x Blood Maker

    • 1x Venari Wavesmith

    • 1x Merdhampi

    • 1x Uraeus, yay an Epic card!

    Now that I've opened those, it's time to claim the End of Season chests. When I click on details it still shows pending rewards 64 chests, so I have to refresh the site before I'm able to claim them. Once I've refreshed I claim those 64 Loot Chests.

    From them I got:

    • DEC: 56, 56, 24, 72, 40, 32, 32, 72, 152, 32, 16, 152, 24, 16, 168, 64, 24, 56, 24, 32, 80, 8; for a total of 1232 DEC

    • 6x Legendary Potion

    • 12x Alchemy Potion

    • 2x Chaos Legion Pack, alright awesome 2 Chaos Legion Packs that I'll open after the End of Season chests

    • 5x Ever-Hungry Skull

    • 2x Bloodmaker

    • 2x Merdhampir

    • 3x Gargoya Lion

    • 1x Twilight Basilisk

    • 3x Pelacor Conjurer

    • 1x Pelacor Mercenary

    • 1x Pelacor Bandit

    • 2x Venari Heatsmith

    • 1x Gargoya Devil

    • 1x Gold Foil Vampire Bat, yay my first gold foil version of this card!

    Unfortunately no Epic or Legendary here, but I did get a Gold Foil card and that's always great to find as well!

    Those 2 Chaos Legion Packs from the End of Season rewards definitely have to be opened. On top of those I received 2 from some of my Daily Focus throughout the season, and I received one from the amazing @clove71 😄 I decided to keep those 3, and thanks to the 2 I got from End of Season Loot Chests I now have 5 to open! Let's open them and see what I get:

    Common Cards:

    • 2x Hardy Stonefish
    • 2x Mycelic Morphoid
    • 1x Antoid Platoon
    • 1x Chaos Knight
    • 1x Hill Giant
    • 1x Flying Squid
    • 1x Kulu Swimhunter
    • 1x Goblin Psychic
    • 1x Venari Knifer
    • 1x Silent Sha-vi
    • 1x Radiated Scorcher
    • 1x Disintegrator
    • 1x Scavo Hireling
    • 1x Stitch Leech

    Rare Cards:

    • 1x Soul Strangler
    • 1x Mycelic Infantry
    • 2x Tarsa
    • 1x Scavo Firebolt
    • 2x Tenyii Striker
    • 1x Merdaali Guardian
    • 1x Diemonshark

    No Epic or Legendary cards from the packs unfortunately, and no Gold Foils. But with 9 Rare Cards from the packs that's definitely a pretty good opening, especially with 2 of them being Summoners! 😄

    How many chests did you end up getting for your End of Season rewards and what was one of the best rewards you got from them?

    Thanks for watching!

    If you haven't signed up for Splinterlands yet and want to check it out, you can do so with my referral link at:

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