Published on Jan 08, 2021
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Hi! This is an original composition of mine entitled, "Charlyn."

I made this song for my friend and named it after her. The song is about me being a friend to her saying that I would just be here beside her if she ever feels sad or scared.

A side story. There was one time in her college life where she was cornered by her friends; blaming her for things that she didn't do. She got so depressed because of that and spent months in college without having any friends. It hurt her so much because those people who accused her for being a bad person, are the same people she treated and loved dearly as friends. When she met me and our other friend, she thanked us so much, telling us everyday how thankful and blessed she is to have friends like us and that college life wouldn't have been fun without us.

She personally asked me to write her a song because she knows I write songs. hahaha. So I wrote her and sent it to her after. When she got it and started to listen to it while reading the lyrics, she literally cried. Like, she cried sooooooooooo much. hahaha. I think she cried both because of joy and sadness. Because it recalled the bad memories she had with her so-called friends. She thanked me and even sent me a picture of her crying. hahahaha.

Every time I play this to her or to just even myself, I get teary eyed. I know how much she suffered and I can imagine how much pain she felt at that moment. And as her friend, I don't wanna let her feel alone.

Chang is her nickname. For those who are wondering who Chang is when reading at the last sentence of the song. hahaha

It is a very raw way of me singing it and I tend to keep it that way. This is such an important song to me. As much as my other song, "Your Special Day" is. :)

Hope you'll like it too. Enjoy :)

Lyrics coming at you in super sonic speed!
Hey little girl
Why are you so lonely?
I cant help but see that little frown
Just hanging on above your mouth
Can i take your hand, lets walk into the spring?

Hey little girl
Wont you try to look at me?
Come and tell me all about the things
That made your heart wont skip a beat
And just sees this life a meaningless scenery

Well don't you fret, I am here
You wont live life alone and scared
So don't let me see that little frown
Don't let yourself be down
And just trust me
Life will be great, just hang on, have faith
In God and in me

A lot of things happened when you had a lot of friends
You thought that they were all you have to need
But everyone just went and leave
And left your cryin' eyes cry so endlessly

You loved them so genuine
You treasured so much memories and took their hands
But in the end you were cornered down
For the things that you didn't done
And got so sad and so depressed so helplessly

But don't you fret for I am here
They're just in the past, the present is me
So don't let me see that little frown
Don't let yourself be down
And just trust me
I am here, come take my hand
I'll always be beside you till the end
I wont leave you alone not again
Why you ask?
Cause Chang you're my friend

Too doo doo....

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friends neoxian palnet music ocd

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