Coffee with Chess, what's up?


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    Published on Oct 24, 2021
    About :

    Apanadi is a reliable coffee brewer and a loyal cat feeder. He has not married even though he is in his old age and some have started to bald. Apanadi's face looks like a street vendor in India. He is a number mystic, and also likes to buy dreams.

    Today I visited a regular coffee shop. Precisely in an outback village that I often visit on holidays, or when I have the opportunity. This coffee shop is a coffee shop owned by Apanadi, one of the most reliable coffee brewers in our area. He is very skilled and has very experience in the coffee trade, so he is very well known and his coffee shop is always busy.


    There is something very special when you are at the shop Apanadi, is the delicious taste o the coffee. The coffee grounds used were Ulei Kareng coffee powder which was specially imported from the city of Banda Aceh. Only Apanadi sells Uleei Kareng coffee. At the coffee shop, the connoisseurs are the public, politicians, journalists, and farmers. However, there is something very unique in the shop, coffee connoisseurs also relax while playing chess.


    Besides that, the coffee connoisseurs at the shop read newspapers , that's why I often stop by the Apanadi shop. I often go there to enjoy a cup of coffee and borrow books from a journalist I know the other day. I often go there to enjoy coffee while enjoying the afternoon breeze. There is a hall in the back that I often use as a place to lie down, and stay there for a long time.


    Sometimes in that place while enjoying coffee, we also often discuss issues in the world of literacy and about the world of literature, about new writers who appear in the newspaper column, and discuss the world of novelists in the world of the universe. What impressed me the most when I was at the shop was not only enjoying delicious coffee, but I also learned a lot about the world of literature that I was in.

    Sometimes, I enjoyed a few cups of coffee, studying literature at the coffee shop with a mentor. We lingered late into the night. I can at least forget how the warung became a meeting place between me and my mentor. And he taught me a lot about books and how to play with text. Where the role of the text is very important to rule the world.

    Over there, there is something more beautiful than enjoying coffee together, the surface of the rice fields and the soothing rice field breeze can cool our eyes and minds when we are there. So far I rarely go there, only today I got the opportunity to be able to enjoy the coffee of Apanadi, a lonely man who has ordained his life to be celibate and has not fallen in love with women at all. Or maybe he's bored and doesn't want to fall in love again. Now he takes care of his white cat more.


    If you are in the shop, I could not be separated from the discussion of the world of literature. Maybe if you want to know who is behind the figure of the person I am discussing, you may search on Google or open this link He is the author of a book that is guaranteed not to be a dream. His writing can make you laugh out loud and churning your stomach. He is a satirical writer.

    What impressed me and wanted to come back to this coffee shop? Is when I need lessons, inspiration, heal the soul, the various burdens of life problems together. Looking for solutions to life's problems. Or want to know information through the mouths of coffee connoisseurs who never stop talking about development and forgetting about death. That's why I like coffee connoisseurs who ignore circumcision and natural disasters.

    However, there is one thing that has hindered me from going to this coffee shop all this time, apart from feeling bad for my mentor because of a widow's heart and love problems, then when we had to understand each other's feelings when we paid for coffee. And my anger towards him, which was getting worse, could no longer be dissolved in a cup of coffee with sweet sugar brewed with hot water.

    Second is my wife. Every time I have to keep his feelings to be with him always.He would whine and sneer at me if he took too long and lingered to drink coffee there. However, I will feel I am in a very pleasant place when I am at the Apanadi stall. The coffee he brewed was really delicious, Makes me forget myself.

    That's all guys, for my short coffee story today, follow me to open a deeper window of the coffee world from various corners of the country. Coffee is the best drink to start your day and brighten up while looking at the world.

    *How's your coffee story today? Make coffee a friend when you are lonely, heal your heart when you miss.

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