Gayo Coffee Lovers Community Holds Coffee Poetry For The World


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    Published on Sep 10, 2021
    About :

    "This is a video that I shot at night, when the musicalists staged a coffee poetry show for the world. Sorry if the video isn't bright enough, but you can hear the sound clearly."

    Hi Cinnamon Cup Kopi community friends, how are you? May we be in good health and always in the protection of God.


    This time I will share a little story and my experience while attending a coffee event. Where that day we read coffee poetry for the world. Besides promoting, it also introduces Gayo coffee to the world. The event was attended by hundreds of writers, poets, and senior journalists in Indonesia.


    Coffee is not only a business field, but coffee has played an active role in building civilization. History records coffee has brought many changes in this world. From coffee beans that became struggles, conflicts, and even wars, now coffee has brought very significant changes, ranging from friendship, relations, brotherhood and various communities.


    Photo of me and Mahlizar Safdi an actor, in a coffee factory. There are several sacks of coffee behind us

    Men filled the coffee shop from morning to night. The culture of drinking coffee has lured them into the center of civilization. In my city, coffee shops come with various variants and different community backgrounds. Coffee shops are filled with political communities, police, journalists, traders, artists, entrepreneurs, business people, and various other communities.

    Coffee lovers have formed with various characteristics of coffee connoisseurs. So that coffee-producing areas such as Gayo invite a number of journalists, journalists, poets to promote coffee to the world.

    This interesting story, when I attended an invitation held by the Central Aceh Government in Gampong Mongal, at Haji Rasyid's Coffee Warehouse. We read poetry and sang various offerings for coffee. Harva's strings of musical instruments, guitar strums, flutes, and violins make the atmosphere more lively for coffee. Various poems were read with different narrations. Until offerings for coffee make the media report and tell the world, this is Gayo Coffee.

    Serambi Indonesia Daily Senior Journalist with Best Seller Writer Musmarwan Abdullah

    We gathered since the evening, from senior journalist Fikar W.Eda, Satir Book writer Musmawan Abdullah, Mr. Salman Yoga, Mustafa Ismail and all writers from national media attended the event.

    Musicians playing a coffee poetry musical that entertains the participants

    In the building, the coffee is brewed non-stop like a dish at a reception, I sip a coffee full of aroma. coincidentally the weather was rainy, enjoying coffee at the production factory was very pleasant. The tongue doesn't itch, and I've finished dozens of cups in a short amount of time.

    Coffee brewed in a factory with hot air temperatures, only lasts a few minutes. The cool weather of Tanah Gayo can change the nuances of heat to cold in a day, coffee is one of the warm drinks. The brewed coffee is coffee beans, a few minutes after drinking it, the body becomes warm, we are excited to encourage the poetry that is dedicated.


    The Music Group is holding an event with the poets

    We also danced together with the mix of rhythms and movements of the Saman, a dance that is known to the international world.

    A coffee poetry event for the world was also played at Lake Lut Tawar, precisely at the Renggali Hotel. The morning after having breakfast and enjoying coffee, poetry for coffee is back. Fog at the foot of the lake. Friction of the violin, the passage of Harva quotes poetry back from various kinds of poetry. I joined them and enjoyed the whole morning with poetry for coffee. This is a very beautiful day in a lifetime, where coffee is served accompanied by light poetry.

    Poetry pieces become motivation and inspiration. The morning sun shone on the tops of the grass and flowers around the lake. The bright morning greeted us and the poets. I brew a few cups of coffee with pieces of palm sugar. The sweet aroma pierces the nose, and the taste increases the passion of the soul for more concentration. We were awarded an anthology of poetry, a collection of beautiful characters that have been written by poets. Sentences about coffee have been recorded and become references that deserve to be assumed, this is coffee since Al-mokka in the African desert has turned into Arabica, fertilized into Robusta, fragmented into Espresso, and adapted into Kopi Luwak.

    Various types of coffee produced at Haji Rasyid Gampong Mongol Gayo factory

    Upon his return from the closing of the event reading poetry for the world. I visited several outlets selling coffee grounds. I wrapped it several times and took it home as a souvenir. coffee in Gayo land has become a variety of delicious choices that are worth a try and are now attracting and ogled by many world investors. Gayo land has turned into the most important and very historical coffee plantation in the world. Coffee has changed everything.


    Poets read poetry accompanied by violin instruments at the Hotel Danau Lut Tawar Renggali

    Thankyou, have a happy day with a cup of coffee

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