I gave up coffee for two months!


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    Published on Mar 05, 2022
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    As a self proclaimed coffee addict, I was putting down 3-4, sometimes 5-6 cups of coffee every day before I gave it up on the 1st of January 2022. I gave it up by accident. I was doing a Keto diet and my favourite cafe had closed down during the holiday season, so I just didn't get round to making myself any coffee at home. After a couple of days without coffee, with the expected withdrawal symptoms, I decided to carry on for a couple of weeks. Two weeks became a month. A month become two months, and honestly, I think I could have carried on for ever.

    I love coffee, however, so I decided to have a cup today to end the hiatus. I am not going to go back to drinking as much coffee as I used to, since it was pretty bad for my general health, but I am going to have a maximum of 1 cup a day from time to time.



    This cup in the video is pure black coffee, which is how I've always had my coffee - at least for the past 6 years. I don't take milk, cream, sugar or anything with it. There's research showing that black coffee is actually good for you ( in moderation), but there's also research showing the opposite. Like anything in life, moderation is usually the key.

    I also think that rather than just drinking it as I would ordinary water, that is opting for coffee whenever I'm thirsty, I shall reserve it for a special time. Perhaps having it when meeting up with a friend for a coffee chat, reading some chapters from a book I've just started recently, or having a nibble of some of my Keto desserts that I've learn't over the months.

    As it happens, my favourite cafe, the one that I mentioned in a previous post that had closed down, has now re-opened. Perfect! just in time for Spring time. I look forward to lazy days sitting by the shop window watching people go by their business.

    Epic shoutout to the Cinnamon Cup Coffee community on Hive



    I was expecting a to react to the coffee in a stronger way than I did, so I was surprised not to have. I hadn't had any caffeine, or knowingly so, in two months. I was expecting to feel a little hyper afterwards, but I didn't feel any of that. What did happen though was my heightened senses of smell and taste with regards to the coffee.

    Ethiopian coffee, which was my brew of choice, is very aromatic. The minute I opened the bag, the air was filled with the heavenly smell of coffee. My kitchen smelt like one of those specialty coffee shops. I could swear I perceived every individual ingredient :)

    Taste was the same. I could taste stuff I wouldn't have sensed before. It seemed more bitter, with a dry after-taste. I remember that being the taste I was after as an addict :) - that bitter, dark roast taste, especially since it wasn't masked by milk, cream or sugar.

    The unexpected effect, which I noticed in hindsight, was having to go pee four times in the hour following me drinking that cup. I was editing the video when it suddenly dawned on me. Of course! Coffee is a diuretic. My kidneys were obviously freaked out and were trying to balance things out, especially since I new drink enough water and am not dehydrated like I used to be. I also take supplements now, including Vitamin D and K2, which patrol the blood and try to regulate things. I'm not surprised. I've also been drinking a natural elixir , designed by a doctor out of natural products, every morning that keeps me hydrated and my liver clean. I should do a post about this next week when I complete the first session and have results.

    All in all, the coffee hiatus is hereby over. I am drinking coffee again, but in moderation. Yay!

    Peace & Love,


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