Why you should write posts when Hive prices go down


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    Published on Sep 22, 2020
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    I've been on this blockchain for around 2 years. One recurrent thing that I noticed is that each time Hive prices go down, a lot of people stop writing posts.

    The price of Hive can be a very important factor for people to decide to write posts or not. It's true that you will get less for your hive, if the price of hive is down. However you should always look at it from a global perspective...

    When hive prices go down, people write less posts

    I've tried to superpose a stat of the number of posts written per week published by @penguinpablo with the Hive prices that I got from Coingecko. (see video)

    When I look at this, it's undeniable that there is a correlation between the price of hive and the number of posts written. The lower hive prices, the less posts will be written.

    Write posts when hive prices go down!

    The most important factor that defines how much you can earn from a post is the upvotes that you get. No matter how high the hive price is, if you don't get upvotes, you won't get any value to your post.
    What we have to understand is that the price of hive has no impact on the number of upvotes given on the blockchain. So when prices are low, we have the same amount of upvotes but less posts to vote on.

    Whales and curation trails need good posts to upvote

    When you power up your hive, they are blocked for at least 13 weeks. This signifies that people with a lot of hive power can't react to price swings. They are in for the long term and they need to get the best possible curation rewards from their investments.

    Whatever the situation, whales and curation trails need posts to vote on to get a good return on their investment.

    As we saw before, when hive prices are going down, people tend to write less posts. This means that whales have fewer possibilities to cast their votes. If you write quality content, then chances to be upvoted by whales or curation trails is much higher when hive prices are low!

    Only posts above 0.02$ reach a payout

    When a post doesn't reach 0.02$ after 7 days, there will be no payout. We don't realise it, but there are quite a lot of such posts that don't reach this threshold. When hive prices go down, this threshold goes up! Meaning, you will need more small upvotes to reach 0.02$. The result is that even more posts don't reach payout after 7 days and the number of posts that whales and curation trails can vote on is even smaller.

    The conclusion of all this is that your chances to be upvoted by whales and curation trails is going up when hive prices go down. Potentially you can earn much more with your activity even if hive is worth less USD.

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