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    Published on Jun 01, 2021
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    During the last couple of days, I had plenty of questions that about voting on hive and I thought it would be a good idea to make some videos to explain how to improve your voting activity.

    Your upvotes is your participation in the creation of new hive

    Hive is a combination of a proof of stake and a proof of brain platform. Every day new hive is created. It is the stakeholders that define how this hive is distributed. The more stake you own, the more value you can attribute. You attribute the value through the upvotes that you give to others.

    The biggest mistake – not to vote

    If you don't vote, you will delegate the distribution of new hive to all the other people who are actually voting and in addition to that, you will lose your curation reward potential. Without votes, no curtion rewards.

    Use your votes

    Each time you cast an upvote, your voting power will decrease but it regenerates over time. You can give a total of 10 upvotes worth 100% each every day and have your account completely regenerated.

    It is however also possible to split your votes. You can vote with 50% for example. If you do that you can vote 20 times per day with 50%.

    Avoid 100% voting power

    The most important is that you avoid to have your voting power idle at 100%. When this happens you are missing some potential upvotes that you could have given.

    You can check your voting power and your voting activity on Hivestats.io.

    Mind the dust!

    Another important aspect about voting is the dust effect. Upvotes that don't carry at least 100 HP worth don't generate curation rewards.

    How to calculate how much hive your upvote carries :

    (Staked Hive Power – Delegations + incoming delegations) x voting power x vote percentage = Hive carried with your upvotes

    You should make certain that your upvotes are never worth less than 100 HP. If you have 1000 Hive Power staked, this means that you should always vote with at least 15%. Otherwise you might lose your curation rewards for this vote.

    I will try to make some more videos on the topic of upvotes. If you have some questions regarding it, please write them as a comment below.

    Let's connect ! You can find me on these platforms:

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