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    Published on Sep 03, 2021
    About :

    On hive we have this great opportunity to upvote content. The more hive power you own, the more your upvotes will be powerful and the more you can use this to actually increase your follower base.

    Why I vote on comment on my posts

    I've realised that most of the successful authors on hive are doing one or two things systematically. They answer the comments on their posts and they often upvote these comments.

    When I take the time to read a post and give a comment, I really appreciate getting an answer to my comment. This shows that the author cares about what I have to add. If in addition, I get an upvote on my comment, this shows that the author appreciates my comment.

    My deduction is: if the author cares about what I have to say and appreciates my comment, I will continue to comment.

    To grow our follower base we need readers on our posts

    If people take the time to read my posts and comment on them and I manage to reward them with an answer and an upvote, the chances are big that these people will visit my posts again. Maybe they reblog my posts or they mention them. Thanks to that, I can maybe get new readers on my future posts.

    This only works if people have a nice experience with me. I can help that by answering their comments and by giving upvotes.

    Thanks to HF25, you don't lose curation rewards when you upvote comments

    Since the last Hard Fork, we have now an almost linear curation curve on hive. This means that as long as my upvote worth is at least around 0.02$, I won't lose any curation rewards when I upvote comments. This is great because I can now give real value to my readers with my upvotes without having to worry that I will reduce my curation rewards.

    I believe that upvoting comments is a great tool to help us build our follower base on hive. At the same time it rewards people for the time they spend reading other people's posts. It allows engagement and the building of relationships.

    What do you think?

    Let's connect ! You can find me on these platforms:

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