How To Breed Layer Tail Balloon Molly


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    Published on Mar 10, 2022
    About :

    It can be easily reared and bred in a home aquarium. Among them internal fertilization is found. Males grow to a maximum of 10 cm and females to a maximum of 11 cm, but most fish are usually 1-3 inches. They can live for a maximum of 3-5 years, but most fish live for one and a half to three years. Their optimal pH. 7.5-6.5, optimum temperature 18-26 C (64-62 F).

    Breeding age, time and temperature:

    Within 3 months of birth, they are suitable for adult reproduction. Adult molly fish give birth in any season in favorable temperature and environment. Temperatures of 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit are very good for their growth. Whether it is suitable for breeding depends on the time as well as its living environment. Proper care and feeding accelerates their fertility rate.

    Female and male fish identification:

    At a very young age (1 week old), the male and female fish of Molly can be separated. In fact, there is no difference in the color of the male and female fish. The difference is found in the physical constitution. The body of the male fish is much thinner and thinner than that of the female fish.

    There is also some difference in anal fin due to internal fertilization. The anal fins of the male fish change to the genital organ, which is known as gonopodium, while the anal fins of the female fish are as normal as those of other fish.

    A mature female fish is usually three inches long and male fish of the same age are relatively small in size.

    Before breeding, male and female fish can be kept in separate aquariums if desired, but keeping them together does not cause much of a problem. If the fish is kept for sale, it is not convenient to keep the male and female fish together as the breeding rate of this fish is very high. To stay together, the fish repeatedly take part in reproduction and the growth of the fish is slow.

    If the male and female fish are together, the pregnant female fish should be identified and given to the breeding net. But the fish kept separately should be kept in the breeding aquarium for 2-3 days in this ratio as compared to 1 male fish. Then the male and female fish should be taken care of in separate aquariums. After 24-48 days after fertilization, the female fish will be suitable for delivery. When it is time to give birth, the fish should be placed in the breeding net. At this time the water temperature of the aquarium from the care aquarium to the breeding net should be the same. 8 to 12 fish can be kept in the net of the above mentioned shape.

    Things to do:

    Fish should be given regular nutritious food before and after breeding.
    Except net cannot be used. In this way, the fish will try to get out through the part left and if it swallows, the net will get stuck and die. After giving pona, he will go out and eat pona.
    Extra small fish cannot be given in the breeding net.
    The net should be tarred or any color should be used to protect it from counterfeit water. However, the color of the net should be well dried in the sun.
    Pona fish should be picked up carefully.
    The fish should be removed as soon as it is confirmed that the fry are finished.

    Thank you for watching. Stay tuned 😉

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