Progressive Commentary Hour - 03/12/2012 - Celia Farber


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    Published on Aug 12, 2022
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    Progressive Commentary Hour - 03/12/2012 - Celia Farber

    I have listened to this interview with Investigative Journalist Celia Farber from 2012 because I am trying to understand how today's #covid-19 #plandemic was able to find fertile ground to take root in.

    There is so much invaluable information and theories shared in this video that I decided to upload it here for posterity's sake.

    I've taken extensive notes with some quotes from Celia, other guests and the host.

    Original youtube Link

    The official disease narrative and how those who investigate it are attacked, discredited and have the others disempowered from paying attention to you and what you are investigating

    2006 Harper's Magazine - "Out of Control: AIDS & Corruption of Medical Science"
    2008 won the Clean Hands Award for Investigative Journalism. Host and creator of "Radio Free Science."

    Liam Schaeff; scientific discoveries, medical cult, politics of science especially relating to the new "scientific" fields of infectious disease, vaccines and experimental drugs.

    the HIV experimental drug test trials used New York City's orphans.

    • Pro-AIDS industry and academia
    • AMA, Paediatrics, the journals Lancet, British Medical Journal, Nature and New England Journal of Medicine. The United States' FDA, CDC, NIAID and NIH
    • HIV can cause death from over 30 different AIDS symptoms
    • DDI, DDC, AZT, Protease inhibitors, 100's of companies active in 'the war on AIDS.'
    • We can all be infected by AIDS, any challenge of this would have the challenger decried and labeled as "pseudo-scientific, AIDS Denier"
    • There's been $800billion pumped into 'the war on AIDS.' Still no vaccines for AIDS or HIV and no one cares
      (Gaslighting of consumers of PREP?)

    6m20s = Dr Cary Mullis

    7m40s = ostracized, condemned persona non-grata for daring to question official narrative of AIDS.

    8m44s = John Verapin, PhD for pharmaceutical company for Eli Lilly. Big pharma gets away with killing people by closing ranks around them.

    One of the first uses of the new PCR testing technology was to test for HIV / AIDS.

    Cary Mullis:

    "HIV is the probably cause of AIDS, yet 2-3 years later and still no source or answer as to who discovered that this was the case."

    Neville Hodgkinson - Journalist for the Sunday Times:

    "Science failed to correct that failure and it created a populist outrage bandwagon."

    • Tiny little piece of genetic material causes the complete collapse of the immune system
    • Stonewall, 1969. In 2 hours, 2000 gays in the street at the front of the Stonewall Inn squaring up to 400 police. This was the archetypal moment - the beginning of gay liberation and sexual revolution.

    14m02s =

    "Outbreak occurs among men in New York and California"
    "8 Died Inside 2 Years" by Lawrence K. Altman

    • Original Theory = unhealthy lifestyle, homsexual intercourse, poppers (Amyl Nitrite, Butyl Nitrite, IsoButyl Nitrite) were the cause of AIDS, government initially named it the "Gay Plague."
      GRID = Gay Related Immuno Deficiency.
    • AIDS / GRID first identified amongst gay community in 1981.
    • New York Times - July 3rd, 1981 reported: up to 2,000 sexual contacts a year for gay men. Amyl Nitrite was endemic in usage since the 1970's.

    **16m20s = **

    Documentary "AIDS Inc"

    **17m03s = ** "They're all highly qualified scientists and journalists."

    18m = "HIV antibody test does seem to be an indication of something. It seems like a curse."

    • No correlation between sexual transmission of other STIs (syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, HPV) and AIDS / HIV.
    • Testing = you are healthy but instilled in fear - asked to get tested then asked what you inted to do for treatment

    **20m48s = ** Wikileaks Cable. US Secretary of State "Cablegate" 16th December 2009. Reads as follows:

    • "1. SUMMARY: On November 2, the Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (HHS/CDC), published a Final Rule in the Federal Register that will remove HIV infection from the list of communicable diseases of public health significance and remove references to HIV from the scope of medical examinations for aliens"
    • prior public service announcements and messaging instilled fear - to the extent that family members wouldn't hug each other.

    23m45s =

    • ACTUP would lose their funding and drugs
    • Never been honest with USA regarding AIDS / HIV. Citizens of USA needed Wikileaks to inform them of such extortion.
    • Number one cause of death of AIDS / HIV is liver failure. Not doing amyl nitrite, ecstasy, cocaine, all-nighters and sex orgies!
    • Why was AIDS only found in San Francisco, Christopher Street (East Village, New York City) , Fire Island and not anywhere else?
    • African AIDS / HIV = polluted water supply, malnutrition, tuberculosis mimic symptoms of AIDS. In the case of South Africa, AIDS / HIV was only encountered in the areas populated by the black, poor, underclass.
    • Social Anxiety Disorder, Authority Defiance Disorder.
    • "Never seen such culpably arrogant and ignorant individuals as those in the official left!"
    • Targeting = specific communities targeted to get tested, therefore those communities were returning positive test results.

    Liam Scheff =

    "Why is this happening to young, gay men?"
    Happened after Stonewall Riots in 1969.
    "They had sex once, that's the problem."
    "They wanna circumcize all the Africans."
    "Young gay men were doing antibiotics every day; destroy the intestines."

    Investigative Reporter? Tony Lance shared theory on links between gay men & presentation of AIDS / HIV infection. "A gut instinct on AIDS."
    Gay men were douching (water enema) with a 10 inch long shower head, called a "Shower Shot," using municipal town water supply and stripping the epithelial llining of their lower colons as preparation for anal sex and fisting and other sexual activity that was tearing the colon. This led to white blood cell and T-cell depletion.

    "Everybody somewhat right and somewhat wrong. Yet the dissidents seem to be more right than the orthodoxy."

    36m50s =

    Gay men in Christopher Street could have an average of 20-30 different sex partners a night. There were bowls of penicillin (antibiotics) provided for free at Christopher Street gay venues.

    39m40s =

    asked a group of 100 marathon runners in New York City who were all vegans to participate in a survey. They all had a T-Cell count under 200 (which is low enough to be defined as AIDS Level). 2 weeks later T-Cell counts came right back up.

    41m =

    "Why did no one in the mainstream media cover it? Not even have a single press conference?"

    41m30s =

    HIV antibody test, patented by Robert Gallo and funded by US President Richard Nixon's "War on Cancer" with the intent for finding evidence that cancer was caused by viruses. Couldn't prove cancer was caused by viruses..

    Robert Gallo mixed monkey samples together during this research which is considered fraudulent. Then he mixes 10 different human samples from 10 different individuals with cancer protein samples. He sold the resultant "test" to Abbott Laboratories for millions as well as receiving tents of thousands of dollars from royalties annually.
    There was no liability for Gallo selling his patented faulty, fraudulent "Test," Could be before the USA has a Caveat Emptor rule in such contractual transactions: Buyer Beware.

    46m20s =

    "perfectly commited Crimes Against Humanity."
    "How were they caught up in this hysteria and refused to recognise it?"

    47m =

    "AIDS is a sociological dysfunction held together by fear."
    -- Dr David Miller, Harvard University

    49m40s =

    "HIV Tests are meaningless. A person can react positive even though he or she is not infected with HIV. HIVE test results are interpreted differently in different countries: a positive HIV test in Africa or Thailand can be tested as negative in Australia."

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