Dr Michael Aquino's Final Interview? - Leppo Podcast (with timestamps and notes added)


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    Published on Mar 31, 2022
    About :

    #informationwar #deepdives #pob #vyb #palnet #satanism #mindwar #aquino #emf #psyops

    Exploring an interview Dr Michael Aquino (creator of Temple of Set, author of MindWar, ex-US military Lt. Colonel & head of Psychological Operations Unit).

    Suppose that. in future generations, the most gifted minds were to find their soul's health more important than all the powers of this world;
    suppose that, under the influence of the metaphysic and mysticism that is taking the place of Rationalism today. the very elite of intellect that is now concerned with the machine comes to be overpowered by a growing sense of its Satanism...

    ...then nothing can hinder the end of this grand drama that has been a play of intellects, with hands as mere auxiliaries.

    Twilight of the Evening Lands - Oswald Spengler

    Introduction: What is this?

    This is alleged to be Michael Aquino's final public recorded interview before he succumbed to bowel cancer on September 1st, 2020 (presumably, it's hard to elucidate Michael's date of death via online sources of information).

    I've listened to the first half of this interview and ipresent it here for you to listen as well. My timestamped notes below should be referred to while listening to the interview because it is difficult to hear Michael Aquino clearly in some parts. I've focused on the 1st half of this interview only (before a 2nd guest, Thomas Schoenberger is introduced to the podcast).

    Who is Michael A. Aquino & Why Bother Transcribing The First Half of His Alleged Final Interview?

    Michael A. Aquino is an enigmatic, paradoxical and potentially dangerous character whose contributions to all manner of dark arts and science will remain an avatar of seething evil for the rest of time. So is this what drew me to the arduous task of transcribing an interview with a satanist cult leader and psychological manipulation mastermind? Not quite..

    I considered it vital to gain whatever insights possible from his final interview for two reasons;

    1. to dispel his avatar which is likely haunting planet Earth after Michael's corporeal death
    2. to add to the gradually expanding body of knowledge online for previously shrouded and obscured subjects such as the life and legacy of M. A. Aquino. I will be happy if any puzzle pieces presented here help another investigator out there in the future.

    I would caution the audience to take all that is said in the interview with a baseline understanding that it could be misinformation, disinformation, falsehoods or complex truths: in other words, remain the eternal skeptic and listen to your intuition as a gauge while listening through. Again, I suggest the reader/ listener follows my timestamps/ notes when listening along as the host Leppo has a distracting manner.

    ^ Michael A. Aquino's seminal manual on #psyops, #psywar, #informationwar and the psychology of victory. This novel / manual set forth the terms of a new, corrupted modus operandi for military might to pursue complete and utter dominance of their foes.

    Timestamps, Transcripts & Notes

    Dr Michael Aquino's wife, Baroness Lillith Aquino is keeping occupied and involved with animal sanctuaries and animal rescue efforts.

    The Aquino's were gifted a "Modest Barony" in the West of Scotland, near Argyle.

    21m 10s = Aquino is asked about his current health, if he is keeping well and responds confirming he has had cancer for 2 - 3 years now. When he was diagnosed, he went on a binge of writing as many books as he had the time left for. He was aware of death approaching with the bowel cancer diagnosis yet remained driven to write as much as possible because his vision started deteriorating significantly as well.

    Michael Aquino has published 17 books and they are all available on his Amazon USA + Amazon UK online stores.

    • "You are a gem in my subjective universe."

    • "You were introduced to a character called Cancer." Cancer of the Large Intestine?

    Leppo fawns over his guest and observes that Aquino's Amazon UK & USA pages differ with his UK page showing a photo of him wearing his Scottish Barony costume and Regalia. His USA page photo has him in full US Army Military costume, rank and regalia.

    Aquino explains to Leppo that he is a member of the Scottish Campbell Clan, making him entitled to weair the clans' Tartan. The US Special Forces has its own Tartan and tells a story of attending several banquets at Scotland's Edinburgh Castle. Mentions the "Ruins of Daedryn (sp?) Wall" that separates England and Scotland. This was was built because the Scots of Old were so nasty that the original Anglians (Romans) thought it best to wall them off from their lands.

    TimeNotes / Transcript (Intro to 47min 30sec)
    29minYork and Schottish Rite rituals are divided much akin to like traditional areas of Christianity are divided, not so much a division of English Freemasonry vs Scottish Freemasonry.
    Actor "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (from cult 80's classic movie They Live fame) was a Scottish Wrestler who wore a kilt.
    30minAcademic, Spiritual/ Occult & the Government/ Military experiences were three subsections of Aquino's life experience that melded together to make him who he is (was?).
    34minMindWar (Aquino's first real novel?) written in response to witnessing all the wars. coups, battles worldwide & asking himself "Is there a better way to solve conflict rather than resorting to physical violence?"
    35minThought Architecture, Brain Architecture, take your "machine body" to use EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) and Psychology to make the mind switch brain-state between coherent and incoherent.
    Desire to address problems logically, reasonably, constructively.
    37m15sidentified and designed methods to remove the incoherent, mindless, chaotic. "MindWar tries to clear up the chaotic mess."
    38minAcademically qualified in political science. Employed as a Member of US Department Committee? on Terrorism and Defensive Agency?

    * "You can't just get mad at it: you have to find a better way."

    "FindFar" = second novel dedicated to; social forecasting, to find the best possible solution via reverse engineering to get from Point A to Point B.
    41m10sGreek philosopher Plato created a term "Kalotupolea? (sp)" = the best possible solution when the prevailing current political circumstances are considered.
    42m10sLeppo has x3 autographed copies of M. A. Aquino's MindWar, FindFar & ScanStar? books. Leppo is a self-professed student of the ideas presented in these three x3 Aquino books.
    * Leppo: "Music to my bat ears"
    43m40sTechniques in MindWar & FindFar are not complicated, Electro-Magnetic signals coming into your body 24hrs a day are needed to be known to be controlled.
    45minSan Fransisco research in Military PsyOps, looked into "Human Relations Companies." Visited some of these companies at their offices. Came in & looked at the building which the company kept their office in. Took EMF readings to see whether there could be specific scientific reasons as to why there was antagonism in the workplace.
    46m20sfor example: a highly ionised (positively charged) atmosphere will cause antagonism. Negatively ionised atmospheres induce a calming effect, inducing a calm feeling like one may feel after a rainstorm.
    46m58s"Many of these buildings full of corporate offices turned out to have old air-conditioning systems with sharp corners in them, causing the air particles travelling through the air-con ducting flow out as ionised & positive-charged air."
    • OK Guys, take a look at your HVAC system and get rid of as many of the sharp corners in the ducts/tubing, consider replacing them with smooth pipes, angular & flexible tubing & so on.
    TimeNotes / Transcript (47min 30sec to 55min)
    47m30s"Check the vibration caused by some of these units & see if they are causing vibrations in the "Beta Levels."
    48m20sresearched the same in popular music with best friend & fellow conspirator Paul Loren Kanter, vocalist for Jefferson Airplane (who later reformed into Jefferson Starship).
    48m40s"you get these rock concerts going & everyone's in a good mood," you ever measured the pace and beats to calculate how much this relates to the speed and vibrational qualities of the songs you make?
    49m10sAlpha brainwaves = more of the crowd is in a good mood. Beta brainwaves = more angrier, quicker to reach temper. Grungier music like black metal is great on people in a crowd to make them Angry, Tense, Jumpy.
    50min"Blows Against The Empire" Album, good deal of tuning towards Alpha brain wave areas of the ElectroMagnetic spectrum. Audiometer measures the BPM (BeatsPerMinute), to see where the good feelings of your head are coming from.
    51mininfant hears mom's heart beating @ 10 cycles per second, this BPM stimulates a very soothing "lative?" Alpha wave response.
    51m15sAquino was a Boy Scout as a kid, rose through the ranks to become Eagle Scout Honor Society. Allegedly was the top Eagle Scout for 1965/66 in the entire USA.
    51m40sEagle Scout Honor Society - "Order of the Arrow." Studied the percussion & instruments of Native American Indian dacing, music and ritual.
    52m30sFort Bragg military base visit. Asked the General whether he could investigate the classroom environment to understand how the classroom affects teaching. Suggested constructing a Faraday Cage to block out external radiation and vibrations. Added generators to tune "infrasonics" to a particular ionization for generating the atmospheric brainwaves most conducive to students learning in a classroom environment.
    53m25s"You'll be able to walk into a classroom & dial people's co-operation up or down without the peoples' awareness of it. This happens on the 'infrasonic level,' undetectable without the metering (measuring) mechanisms to view it."
    53m50s"The Army General @ Fort Bragg didn't want to use it." Imagine if it went to Academia, 'dial their classes' levels of awareness up or down using instruments & generators that the students aren't even aware of.
    54m20s'sad this can't be used to create a better learning environment.'
    TimeNotes / Transcript (55min to 1hr 05m)
    55m10sthe host Leppo fawns over Aquino. This is the best day of his life and proclaims he is using the MindWar doctrine 24/7 at VaporBat Records.
    Our Honor, Our Music. Dr Aquino conducted another PsyOp.
    55m35sAquino lived in Marin county, San Rafael/Rafael, San Fransisco Bay Area. He met the Grateful Dead, Robin Williams while living here.
    56m25sAquino's family had a weekend holiday house in Forest Knolls, out beyond Woodacre, San Anselmo along the coast? Underbrushy?
    57m05sPaul Kanter lived in Marin County, so did Grace Flick (female vocalist of Jefferson Airplane/Starship)
    57m27sdescribes San Francisco as a built up urban environment "a very angular place." San Fran's architecture is going to generate a lot of positive ionization whereas Marin county (where Aquino grew up) generated negative ions.
    58m10sBridges. The sensation of travel. The symbol of the Bridge runs throughout antiquity.
    58m22s"They jump off Bridges, they jump off the Bridges. There's people that are thrown off bridges" & then everything else.
    58m40sThere's a club for people who have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived the fall!
    59m25s"That's a club we do not endorse here @ VaporBat Records." Leppo then shows videos on the livestream of people on the Golden Gate Bridge contemplating suicide.
    1hr00m39sLivestream video showing people jumping off GG Bridge. Planet Earth Rock n Roll album "extremely precise." Also an orchestra & book. Talks about electric signals & EMF.
    1hr02m40s"Tune out bad vibes, tune in good vibes." Frit, Freit? as a device in the book. Wind up smiling in spite of yourself. Working on a mechanism to "tune out the bad vibes and tune in The Good Stuff." Result of decades of background research.
    Leppo: "We're the Teenage FBI. We keep everything cool here, digital records, physical records."
    • Mount Shaster experimentation and ritual.

    TimeNotes / Transcript (1hr 05m to 1h 17m 20s)
    1hr05m25sM. A. Aquino spent a lot of time down in 'Australia at Ayers Rock (Uluru). Wonderful areas that attract people while Aquino is doing his instrumental research.' I did a quick search online for evidence of this but have not found anything. M. A. Aquino addresses Australia, even mentioning how many Temple of Set members live there in his work Temple of Set - draft 11, 1st May 2012 and covers the incongruity between it's known & unknown history on page 321.

    The contradiction between Aquino's comments on Ayers Rock in this (alleged) final interview without evidence of the same is certainly curious to me. Considering Ayers Rock / Uluru is so significant in the lore of EMF, Leylines and it's great mystical toponomy, further investigation to source evidence of Aquino's presence there is warranted.
    In the 1980's San Francisco, Aquino is doing EMF research with extremely rare "Solarscopic Prft Systems."

    * "You can find Iphone apps; they can receive, detect and in some cases transmit some of these wavelengths on the EM Spectrum."

    App can be set to transmit Alpha, Beta or Delta Waves and once transmitted, it will affect people in your vicinity (including yourself). Delta waves will make you sleepy.
    1h07m30s* "You can start your own amateur experiments to control your own environment!"
    1h08m10shost Leppo states he is located on "The Holy Mountain," high up in the desert in Santa Fe, way, way up in the sky.
    Use of controlling our air to affect people, and that's real, that's real research. Leppo loves the quality of Air in Santa Fe.
    1h08m35sM. A. Aquino replies that anytime you got substantial electrical storm activity, you're getting into very high negative ionization which causes a feeling of exhilaration.
    1h09m08sM. A. Aquino recalls stopping in the Valley of Fire each time he'd travel through Nevada. So many natural landscapes and places in country & other countries that have traditionally attracted or repelled or terrified or fascinated people. Why?
    Why was Stonehenge constructed & orientated the way it is? Same question for the construction of the Egyptian Pharaonic Pyramids? Aquino states you can start measuring this stuff and you will be surprised at how much you find out.
    1h10m15sLeylines talked about earlier in Leylines, talked alot about in England. Magical, ritual lines which had old cathedrals & sacred sites built.
    German Nazis vaguely referred to as the same thing & were able to identify leylines as having to do with Earth Magnetic Fieldlines based on Earth Magnetic Fields. North magnetic Pole and South magnetic Pole, lines that stretch between these longitudinal? lines around the globe.

    More like a lattice-work of lines weaving between the North and South Poles. Magnetic Polar Lines & are generated by activity from the Sun which then dictates the EM energy waves of Earth once the solar radiation hits. EMF then "hits our EMF 'Electrical Theory of the Innerverse.'"
    1h12m10sReplaces Einstein's gravitational model with an EMF Version of the influenes between our Solar Planetary System... you can measure this Electrical Innerverse and when you do, you find a very, very active environment that can be measured this way.
    1h12m50sYou're surrounded by huge mechanisms extending from the Sun to your Big Toe & these influences are 24/7 and you can measure them. You can figure them out, figure out why you are thinking & behaving & the energy levels that you do, how you can improve the levels u like and get rid of the ones you don't like?
    MindWar and FindFar break the ground on the possibilities of this "and you can do nothing but good with this operation."
    1h14m20sMusic: Paul Kanter mentioned again. Memorable music events, the host Leppo suggests that perhaps Aquino was backstage? (Aquino Laughs).
    "The Starship Album - Dragonfly" concert at Santa Barbara Bowl. Leafy and green venue.
    1h15m37s"number 75 to 30 zero" on that particular Santa Barbara high school. The singer Grace Flick came out and asked the crowd to singalong to the Jefferson Airplane song White Rabbit with the disclaimer that the crowd is probably too high to sing it in tune.
    1h16m10shost Leppo responds to this anecdote of Aquino by proudly stating he has a framed sheet of acid showing the Alice in Wonderland 'down the rabbit hole' scene, (LSD Blotters) signed by Grace Flick.
    TimeNotes / Transcript (1h 17m to 1h 35m)
    1h17m20sAnother San Fran Music group called "The Great Society," which Grace was also the lead singer of while being the female lead vocals for Jefferson Airplane. Both of her bands opened up in the small San Francisco Marina nightclub called THE MATRIX. This nightclub is still there today. Arty Bell owned it at the time until it was sold it to Aquino's family who then owned it for many years.
    1h18m30sAquino novel, "Ghost Ride" front cover also appears in a Jefferson Airplane album cover as a background. This background was located inside this MATRIX NIGHTCLUB.
    1h19m20sAquino continues on the work done with Paul Kanter at Ayers Rock (Uluru), Australia. He mentions this work in the same "Ghost Ride" novel. "Particular amount of interest." The plot in Planet Earth Ran Orchestra Band travels from Mt Shasta, California to wind up down there in Ayers Rock, Australia, travelling across hemispheres via giant underground labs which were based on some of the "Thread/Fred-Type" they were doing.
    1h20m11sthere are insignias in the two albums of Paul Kanter of Jefferson Airplane/ Starship. You can see them via Youtube.
    1h20m30shost Leppo flatters Aquino's photos and style and fashion. Aquino replies that he had the famous eyebrows since 8th Grade. Aquino has a fetish for "fun cars: unusual, interesting cars. LOTUS cars by Colin Chapton." Brags about owning the international Grand Prix car raced by Phil HIll.
    Ferrari's, Aston Martins, Calvin 'n' Hobbes, Spaceman Spiff (weird fantasies that are an awful amount of fun).
    1960's Soap Opera "Dark Shadows." Female leads of same show = Catherine Lace Scott & Lara Carver. Aquino calls them "Lovely, brilliant ladies."
    Tags :

    informationwar deepdives pob vyb palnet satanism mindwar aquino psyops emf

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