Tyranny Checklist (censored on YT)


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    Published on Jul 28, 2019
    About :

    Censored and shadowbanned on YouTube, this clip is finally seeing the light of day again - thanks to 3Speak!

    In early 2011 - when my channel was thriving and censorship hadn't become too bad yet - this footage began to go viral. Just as momentum appeared to be going exponential, all new views stopped, and the video all-but disappeared.

    What's so controversial? It's merely a checklist to help the viewer determine if they're living under tyranny. Just a few simple questions, deemed too dangerous for mainstream exposure. Dangerous to whom?

    Have you, or someone you love, been troubled by any of the following conditions?

    • Corruption and fraud within government?
    • Conspiracy, also known as secret plots?
    • Censorship?
    • Dumbing down of the populace through such means as chemicals harmful to the brain in the food, water, or vaccinations?
    • A poorly funded education system that doesn't properly teach science and critical thinking?
    • Distractions such as popular culture, consumerism, organized religion, or professional sport?
    • Social engineering, which is the influencing of a society's attitudes and behaviours on a large scale and over many years?
    • Propaganda?
    • Travel restrictions?
    • Mass mind control?
    • Gradual debasement of currency until it has no intrinsic value?
    • False flag events used to generate support for unpopular things like wars of aggression?
    • Systematic removal of rights, such as the right to own weapons or the right to privacy?
    • Prohibition of specific substances, be they natural or man-made?
    • Corrupt media?

    If so, you may be suffering under tyranny!

    Please stay tuned to this channel for more information, possible solutions, and opportunities to get involved.

    Tags :

    liberty tyranny freedom philosophy

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